Restart Your Body 5 Ways In 5 Days On Dr. Oz Show Today


Dr. Oz, February 11, 2014, is all about getting more energy with his new Restart Plan to boost your energy levels in 5 days to lose weight and feel better. Do you feel sluggish first thing in the morning? Do you seem to run out of energy about mid day? Are you always wishing you had more energy to get your daily chores done? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this episode of Dr. Oz is for you. Oz has a new 5 day plan to get your energy back so you can make it through the day without feeling tired or exhausted.

Back in 2012, Oz has his last 5 Day Energy Boosting Plan. We got a 5 day recipe that would reset our body and get us out of the doldrums. We don’t know what his new plan is but the last one included Atragalus, Brewer’s Yeast, Papaya Juice, Brazil Nuts, and Zinc Lozenges. Each of these natural products works on a specific area that causes us to lose energy. After trying a few of these, I still drink papaya Juice daily and use Zinc to help keep away common colds and flu.

One of the biggest revelations of the show back then was that we could boost our energy 600% by following the G.O.A.L. acronym. This stands for G: Glycine, O: Ornithine, A: Arginine, and L: Lysine. These are essential amino acids that can put more pep in your step. Studies have shown that proper amino acid balance will help the body burn fuel more efficiently and keep us going all day long.

So what new ways will O have for us to boost our energy today? You will have to tune in to the show to find out or you can check back here on CMr for our full recap posted after the show airs.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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