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Dr. Oz Show Today: 5 Hidden Signs of a Gluten Allergy


Dr. Oz, February 18, 2014, is talking about Gluten Allergies again on the show today with 5 Hidden signs you may be missing that could show you are allergic to gluten. Gluten sensitivity can mask itself as an everyday ache or pain. Symptoms include joint pain, stomach pains, and inflammation. Oz knows that these symptoms are very much like other diseases. If you have joint pain, you may think you are getting arthritis. If you constantly have stomach pain you may think you have a mild case of IBS. Oz has specific symptoms to look for today that could be telling you that you are allergic to gluten.

Oz did a show last year dealing with how to go gluten free to see if you are having an allergic reaction. the problem with a food allergy is that the symptoms may be delayed for several hours or even a day before they show up. This makes it hard to realize that a certain type of food is causing you problems. The best way to test for a gluten allergy is to eliminate it for a period of time and see if you symptoms go away.

Oz also had a show back in December that dealt with inflammation and we got an anti inflammatory diet that highlighted swapping the most inflammatory foods for others that won’t cause and allergic reaction in your body. the great thing about a food allergy is that your symptoms and problems will go away once you eliminate those foods from your diet.

Some healthy swaps were great like using pureed avocados as a sandwich spread to replace mayonnaise. Eating spices like chili powder and turmeric instead of reaching for the salt shaker was another healthy alternative to lower your chances of inflammation from the foods you eat. This will be one fact filled show so be sure to check back here on CMR for our full recap of all the latest news Dr. Oz is talking about.

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  1. Jeanne Peterson says

    Dr Oz, I have been diagnosed with arthritis/gout for inflammation in the foot and toe joint and sometimes a knee joint if it gets really bad. I was given a list of foods to eat, for the gout symptoms, which have helped considerably. My question is could I also have a gluten sensitivity since I have stomach issues, stomach aches, diarrhea, constipation etc etc. Might the gluten sensitivity cross over to the gout issue? Also, what exactly are gluten free foods? Is there a list to follow? Thank you! Jeanne

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