Dr. Oz Show Today: 2 Week Detox Diet Plan Fights Inflammation

Dr. Oz, February 24, 2014, is announcing another new diet plan called the 2 Week Detox Diet that is desinged to lower inflammation in your body and let you get rid of those extra pounds. Inflammation is a diet wrecker and many of Oz’s guests like Andrew Weil and Joel Fuhrman believe that lowering inflammation, by eliminating foods that your body is sensitive to, will allow you to lose weight and finally be healthy and happy. This is promised as an all new plan that will get you into shape. UPDATE: You can get the full plan here from our recap.

Oz has had many shows on Detoxes and Dr. Alejandro Junger was on last season with his own version of a detox diet plan. This plan focused on certain foods that were known to cleanse the body. Junger gave a list of foods to avoid and he even produced 10 types of food we need to add to our diet. Junger said detox juice cleanses were too hard for most people to stick with. He added that most people give up on a juice cleanse before it does them any good. This is why he decided to focus on swapping out some of our normal diet staples for foods that naturally detox the body.

Oz has always talked about the benefits of detoxing the body before starting any diet. He compared it to taking a trip in your car without having it serviced. A clean functioning car runs smoother and doesn’t break down as often. This same principle applies to our bodies. Be sure to check back here on CMR later today for the full details about Dr. Oz’s new Detox Diet Plan. We bring you all the latest news our favorite TV Doctor is talking about each week.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

Note: We wish to apologize to our dedicated readers for missing a few episodes of the show over the last 2 weeks. We recap the shows when they air but the Olympics was taking the time slot.



  1. ginger edinbyrd says

    On todays show 02/24/14 .your guest on face saging an face lift .she demonstrated on a ladys neck with a electic
    Pulse machine .what was the name an maker of it

  2. Marian says

    I would also love to know the names of the probiotics- same problem as Helen- didn’t have time to write it down. Thanks

  3. Helen Shoaf says

    I would like to have the names of the probiotics that Dr. Oz recommended on todays show. I didn’t have time to write it down when it was on the tv. I am very interested in trying them….my husband also. Thanks1

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