Defy Your Age Without Plastic Surgery On Dr. Oz Today

The Dr. Oz Show, March 25, 2014, will have the cast of the hit TV Show “”Hot In Cleveland” to talk about ways to look younger without plastic surgery. Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, and Wendie Malick are considered by many as timeless beauties. These Hollywood veterans have gone against the long standing trend of using plastic surgery to try and fight father time. Natural Beauty is timeless and Oz has always given out simple solutions to slow or reverse the aging process and take years off your looks. Today, the cast of Hot In Cleveland will share their beauty routines and tell us how they defy father time.

Way back in 2011, Oz gave out a few ways women around the world use natural sources to look younger. In Turkey, women use a veggie called purslane to rejuvenate their skin. Oz says he and his wife use this and they mix it in with their yogurt and garlic. In Hawaii, women drink Noni juice for its anti inflammatory properties. Fighting inflammation will take years off your looks. Oz warned us that this juice tastes a lot like Castor Oil so you may have to learn to deal with the bad taste.

Back in December 2013, Oz told us about the proven benefits of Artichoke Extract and how it rejuvenates our liver and other organs. Having a properly working digestive tract will ensure your body does not store up toxins that can cause a range of skin problems. Stopping these problems before they start is one key factor in always looking younger than you really are. This should be one jam packed show so be sure to set your DVR if you can’t watch the show live.

If you miss any detail on the show, please check back here on CMR for our full recap of all the latest news Dr. Oz is talking about.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


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