Dr. Oz Show Today April 7: Antibiotics Cause Weight Gain

Dr. Oz says antibiotics may be the reason you cannot get rid of those excess pounds that seem to stick with you no matter how much you try to lose them. Can antibiotics really make a person fat? Oz says he has some new evidence that will shed light on this matter. Any Dr. Oz fan knows about the dangers of antibiotic overuse. He has talked about how these lifesaving products actually destroy both good and bad bacteria in our systems. Oz has said many times that one of the biggest factors in long term weight loss is a healthy gut.

Our digestive system is made up of a delicate balance of bacteria that extracts the nutrients we need from the food we eat. If our gut is out of balance, we see all kinds of problems that range from IBS to inflammation in our joints. It is a proven fact that antibiotics have made their way into the foods we eat. This means we are fighting a constant battle to keep enough good bacteria to remain healthy. If we have too little bacteria, we won’t process the food we eat and that means our body may store it for future use. It can also mean our metabolism slows down so we are burning fewer calories.

One of the best ways to help keep our bacteria in balance is to eat foods like Kimchi or eat more yogurt that has active bacterial cultures in it. this means we are always replacing the good bacteria in our system and our digestive tract is working properly. Make sure you set your DVR to record the show today or you can check back here on CMR for all the latest news Doctor Oz is talking about. We bring you daily recaps of the Dr. Oz Show so you don’t miss a thing.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz


  1. charlene says

    we watch and enjoy your show all the time. I have one question about Fridays show,can you put oregano oil in our humidifier to help the whole family

  2. Hina says

    Dr Oz s show was interesting about the antibiotics messing with our bacteria in our gut. Another reason for so much intestinal problems in this country.
    Ralph Nader, I believe wrote an article on the AMA about super growth in young girls in Puerto Rica at age 9. Findings then was hormone fed chickens and consumption of chicken in that country. Now, they are finding out it is the antibiotics too!

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