Dr. Oz Show Recap: New Probiotic Sources, UTI Treatments

The Dr. Oz Show Today, June 23, 2014, focused on identifying and treating Urinary Tract Infections and some surprising sources of Probiotics. A UTI can be a painful experience for anyone and females are not the only ones who can have them. Oz says these are related to a build up of bacteria and there are many proven prescription drugs that can cure them with relatively ease. Dangers from leaving these infections untreated can range from kidney problems to infections in other parts of the body. Fast detection and treatment are essential to stop a UTI before it becomes a major health problem.

Symptoms of a UTI
As with anything, a person’s body will give them subtle symptoms that something is not right down there. Oz says the most common signs are foul smelling urine, painful urination, the urge to “go” often, and pink urine. Oz says new infections can be treated with Unsweetened Cranberry Juice. He adds that anyone can try taking 1 tablespoon a day for a few days to see if the infection clears up before visiting a doctor. Oz also says that acidic juices like Cranberry juice can prevent a UTI altogether. Drinking this juice every day will help keep things moving out of your body and the bacteria will be flushed away before it can get a foot hold.

Probiotic Sources
Oz has been talking about the importance of maintaining the right balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut. This is our body’s first line of defense against disease and infection. Probiotics help build up the good bacteria in our digestive tract. Supplements are one thing but Oz is always saying that natural solutions are the best. We three new sources of probiotics: Kefir Milk and Tempeh are great natural sources of good bacteria that will help keep your digestive tract working like it supposed to work. Oz says supplements can be taken if you are on the go a lot but the natural sources are the best.

The show today was a rebroadcast and Oz went over Gluten and Expired medications you can find our full recap here.

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