Dr. Oz Show Today: Fast Metabolism Diet Plan

Dr. Oz, July 9, 2014, is talking with Haylie Pomroy about her new Fast Metabolism Diet Plan that promises to rev up the body’s fat burning furnace so the pounds will melt away. Oz has talked about our metabolism many times and says it is a myth that you cannot change the way your body processes the fuel you put into it. It is possible to rev up your metabolism just as it is possible to slow it down by starvation and other bad diet ideas. Haylie has a simple 7 day plan that causes the body to boost output by varying the times and types of food we eat.

Fast Metabolism Diet
Haylie’s plan changes out the foods you eat every day or two so the body never gets used to what it is about to get and doesn’t know when the next meal is coming. Oz says this is how body builders counter the plateau effect when they are weight training. Our body see patterns and sets itself up to run on those patterns. Varying the pattern keeps the body confused and varying meal times and the types of food will cause the body to keep the furnace on all the time in case we get some food. You can read about the complete Fast Metabolism Diet in our full recap by clicking the link in this sentence.

Oz has always talked about how specific body types handle the food we eat differently. A person that has a lot of belly fat has a body that is reacting to stress more. This means that cutting the stress will make it easier for that person to lose weight. A person wit a big bottom could have elevated levels of estrogen and a person with big arms usually has high blood sugar levels. Oz gives specific ways to counteract these conditions in the recap of the original show. Metabolism and Body Type are important factors in winning the battle of the bulge.

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  1. linda griffith says

    I can’t find any place on this site that tells me the name of the item Oz used to strip vegetables into spaghetti strips at the end of the show. Please help.

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