The Chew Recap (4/3/15): Celebrating Easter Sunday with the First Lady

The Chew Recap (4/3/15): Celebrating Easter Sunday with the First Lady

On today’s The Chew, Easter Sunday turns to Easter Fun Day. The hosts cook meals perfect for Easter brunch. Also, in celebration of the fifth anniversary of Let’s Move, First Lady Michelle Obama asks the gang to do the Gimme Five Challenge where they have to cook healthy dishes for five audience members.

Michael starts the show by taking on the challenge as he makes a healthy and fresh dish called Spring Pea Crostini with Poached Eggs and Shaved Asparagus Salad with help from his co-hosts. Mario cuts the sourdough bread and grills it. Carla combines green peas, vinegar, chili flakes and salt. Michael then asks Clinton to shave the asparagus while Daphne makes the orange vinaigrette. Michael finishes the dish by adding mint and ricotta to the green pea puree then spreading it on the crostini.

Next, Carla introduces a healthy dessert perfect for Easter called Honeysuckle Bundt Cake with help from the gang. Clinton prepares the pan by spreading butter and flour on the cake pan. Daphne mixes all dry ingredients while Mario mixes all wet ingredients like peanut butter and honey. They combine the dry ingredients with wet ingredients then put it in the oven. They make a sugar glaze for the cake and finish it off with powdered sugar on top.

Up next, Daphne takes a trip to Shane Confectionery in Philadelphia to check different confections for Easter. She tries to make a Clear Toy candy bunny that’s perfect for the holidays. Along with that, she makes Butter Cream Egg confection with chocolate coating. She shares these confections in Easter baskets with her co-hosts on the show.

Next, Clinton gives his do-it-yourself tips for your Easter table. First, he shows how to make a Marshmallow Chick Topiary. He cuts a dowel and glues it with an embroidery hoop. He wraps the dowel with a colored ribbon and glues the chicks around the ring with a glue gun. For his second tip is making Glided Golden Eggs. He makes this as he puts holes in the egg to drain them. He washes the eggshells and paints them with metallic paint. Then he puts a name on top of the egg. He finishes his decoration by putting a flower on the hole of the egg.

Lastly, Clinton gives a bonus table decoration tip called Chocolate Terrarium. He gets a clear and large jar, puts Easter grass inside then places a bunny family in the middle. This can be a perfect centerpiece this coming Easter. While the gang tries on the dishes, Carla comes out in an Easter bunny costume. She ends the show by giving Easter confections to her co-hosts and, of course, to the audience.

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