Dr. Oz Show Today: Miracle Weight Loss As 3 Women Lose Half Their Body Weight

Dr. Oz, May 11, 2015, is a celebration show where three women will tell the viewers how they lost over half of their body weight. Most people have trouble with losing and keeping off just a few pounds and Oz realizes that these three women could inspire others to finally set a weight loss goal and stick with it. Did these women use the Total 10 Diet Plan that Oz launched this year? What kind of time frame did it take to lose over half of a person’s body weight. One thing is for sure, these three women prove that losing a lot of weight is possible is you have willpower and motivation.

Oz has said many times that long term weight loss requires a lifestyle change. If a person starts a restrictive diet, sooner or later they will give in to temptation. This is one reason many diets allow a cheat day so that the dieter can actually satisfy cravings that are built up during the week of eating restrictive foods. Oz has used this in the past but has shifted to substituting unhealthy foods and snacks people crave with alternatives that will satisfy them but are actually healthy.

There are many healthy ways to snack without loading up on calories. Just last week, we got Rachel Ray and her Chimchurri sauce recipes for chicken. we had Faith Hill and her Carrot Salad and also a healthy way to make Chili Lime Chips with fresh Guacamole. Look for many more recipes on the show today that are healthy and taste great. If you miss any part of the show today, please check pack here on CMR for all the latest news Dr. Oz is talking about.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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