Dr. Oz Show Today Tackles Vacation Constipation

Doctor Oz, July 7, 2016, takes a scientific look at a problem many people experience during vacation season on the show today by exploring what causes constipation while traveling. In a world of hectic lifestyles and the fact traveling is easier than ever, many people get to their destination and become bloated and full. Could there be a scientific reason many experience travel constipation? Oz says yes and will examine the exact causes of why people get stopped up when traveling on the show today. Check back here later on CMR for our full recap of all the latest news from Dr. Oz.

Is Travel Constipation Real?

Gutsense.org says this type of problem is mainly caused from a disruption in our body’s normal routine. Face it, everyone gets more than a little squeamish when having to use public facilities. This causes many people to resist the urge to “go” and eventually become stopped up. Changing time zones causes a person alter sleeping habits. Your body will actually hold it in naturally while you are sleeping. This alteration interrupts the natural routine and thus causes problems. Usually people change their diet while away from home. A person may eat a healthy, high fiber breakfast every morning but just can’t resist the free breakfast buffet at the Hotel. Gutsense says diet change and routine change are the 2 main reasons people suffer while traveling.

Keeping Travel Constipation Away

Oz has given a few ways to avoid getting plugged up while on vacation. First, avoid “holding it in” as this makes the problem worse. Second, get plenty of fluids while traveling to keep things moving along. Finally, try to stick to your diet routine. A person can splurge but make sure they still get the basics they need like fiber and veggies.

If you miss the show today, check back here for our full recap of all the latest news Doctor Oz is talking about.

Photo courtesy of: Dr. Oz

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