10 Day Tummy Tox Plan Analysis From The Dr. Oz Show Today

Doctor Oz continues the Ultimate Detox Month with JJ Smith’s “10 Day Tummy Tox” that is supposed to help improve your digestive system, fight inflammation, and help you lose weight. While detox diets are somewhat controversial, they can’t really hurt in short term usage. This plan may be hard for some people to stick with for a total of 10 days as it seems to be a little light on foods that will keep a person from having cravings that will sabotage the concept. If a person can stick to this diet, it would almost guarantee some weight loss just from the lack of sugar and lower calorie intake. Don’t forget to download the printable cheat sheet at the bottom of this article.

10 Day Tummy Tox Plan

  • Detox Water made by mixing cucumbers, lemons, ginger, and mint leaves. Oz says to make a 48 ounce picture of this and drink it throughout the day. While detox water is embraced by the naturalists, there is no proven science that says it has any prominent medicinal value.
  • High Fiber Breakfast: Oz says to start each day with any favorite high fiber breakfast and add a handful of flaxseeds. Fiber will help with digestion and give a person a full feeling. This could help keep cravings away that could cause someone slipping and eating something unhealthy.
  • Power Greens For Lunch: Adding 1 cup of mixed green beans, spinach, asparagus, and cucumbers to a salad is supposed to help fight inflammation and help get gut bacteria working properly. Oz says these can be tossed in a salad or made into a smoothie. Again, veggies do provide nutrients to the body, this is an addition to a salad at lunch.
  • Lean Protein Dinner: Chicken, salmon, turkey or any other lean protein will help keep night time bloating away. Adding Fennel Tea after dinner is supposed to help relieve bloating and allow gas to pass. While lean protein is a good choice for any meal, it would help if a person could add salad or other veggies to help bulk up the meal. Fennel Tea is also and acquired taste and Oz says to stay away from sugars and carbs so this drink will take some effort to keep down.
  • Snack on Zero Sugar Creations: Snacks can kill any diet. Fortunately this plan has several easy to make low calorie snacks to help a person make it through the day. Popcorn with Cayenne Pepper, Banana Blueberry Smoothies, and Cucumber Zingers are some snack that really do taste good.

While this Detox plan seems to be calorie limiting, cravings should be able to be kept in check with proper use of the snack suggestions. Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. Andrew Weil are constant guests on the Dr. Oz show and have dedicated their lives to using food as a way to heal the body. While the general medical community is slow to react to some claims, a 10 day Detox like the one above could help anyone gain an upper hand on the battle of the bulge.

For the easy to read printable 10 Day Tummy Tox Plan, please click here.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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