Dr. Oz Today: Can You Live Healthy On $4 Dollars A Day?

Doctor Oz, 5/12/2017, is giving the results if his experiment to see if a person can eat a healthy diet on just $4 dollars a day. At first glance this would seem impossible with a bottle of water costing over a dollar in most places. We see other programs on television where people make extreme use of coupons. On some of these shows, we see a whole month of groceries cost less than $100 dollars but that takes time and research. One of the key factors will be how many people a person has to feed. Everyone knows buying in bulk saves money, but if a single person buys bulk, the food may spoil before it is used.

Coupons are big business. Manufacturers use them to promote products and stores use them to move inventory that is sitting on shelves. On the old TLC Series, we would constantly see families buy a whole month of groceries for less than $200 dollars. Sometimes we would see even bigger savings. Stores that double coupons can actually make an item have a cash rebate. This will lower costs on other items like meat and veggies.

Can you eat healthy on $4 dollars a day? Tune in to Dr. Oz or check back here on CMR later to find out.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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