Dr. Oz Says Orange Juice Is Good For You Again Today

The Doctor Oz Show Today, 5/15/2017, brings back an old favorite, Orange Juice, and now it may be OK to drink it for breakfast again. In recent years, this juice has come under fire because it was supposed to be high in sugar. Even if one purchased all natural juice, a regular orange is very sweet and a glass of orange juice is said to have almost as much sugar as a can of soda. Way back in 2012, Oz warned us of a fungicide called Carbendazim that was prevalent in orange juice made from Brazilian oranges. The recommendation was to make sure your orange juice was either 100% organic or made from oranges grown in the USA.

Other studies have warned of the calories a glass of orange juice contains. From Medlicker, we see a 16oz glass of orange juice contains 228 calories and 56g of carbs. They warn that this could cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate and produce waves of tiredness and energy throughout the day. Most orange juice is a product of constant water removal to lighten the product for shipment and then nutrients are added back in along with other chemicals to enhance flavor and taste.

The conclusion would seem to be that Oz will say limited amounts of OJ in the morning can be a healthy boost. As with everything, moderation is the key.

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Photo courtesy of Dr. Oz

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