THE DOCTORS why men are becoming less manly


Reporting this topic is like walking a string across a forest fire but here goes–and just the scientific facts, ma’am- just the facts.

THE DOCTORS had a segment on the declining masculinity of males; and after asking people on the streets their opinion-100 percent answered, “Yes!” Between the male jumpsuits, the man-bun, and the acceptance of make-up wearing, we are all left scratching our heads, blaming women’s lib, or just wanting to throw the towel in on romance.  Some of the women just wanted a man to still open her door and fix things around the house.  It seems these type men are diminishing.  Well, a lot of what we are seeing is sort of frightening because it boils down to nature– and after the research studies–some of the truth is being unraveled……..

Scientific research is showing that testosterone levels in men have been plummeting for decades. This hormone responsible for masculine behavior is no longer being produced at the rate is used to be produced at. We all know that testosterone levels decrease with age, but the fact is that a 20 year old male today has less testosterone than a 20 year old male 30 years ago. In addition to that, the amount of sperm in semen may also be on the decline.

Sad but True

Two major studies seem to be in agreement when it comes to the fact that testosterone concentrations in males are not comparatively what they used to be. In fact, one American study showed a 17% drop overall  between 1987 and 2004. In addition, there is some question as to whether or not the amount of sperm in semen may also be decreasing. Although more research is needed in this area,  an American assessment done in 1997 estimated a 1.5 percent  per year drop in sperm levels.

Researchers looked at some of the possible contributing factors:

  1. Chemical exposure inside and outside the womb
  2. Excitotoxins found in diet drinks, aspartame and MSG, mercury
  3. Pesticides found on fruits and vegetables in the grocery store, drugs, and lead
  4.  BPA – a hormone-disrupting chemical used in the manufacturing of plastic baby bottles and in the linings of food and beverage cans
  5. Society – where feminism-like traits among men are more pushed and accepted than ever

Other health challenges are being examined and male sex organ malformations are certainly among them. Hypospadias for example, a condition in which the man’s urethra opens somewhere before the tip of the penis, nearly doubled in prevalence from 1970 to 1993 according to national Birth Defects Monitoring Program. Another study found that the percentage of babies in neonatal intensive care units with hypospadias jumped from just .4% in 1987 to 4% in 2000.

What is clear is that for whatever reason – men are taking some big biological punches from modern life.  Though this topic is very controversial, the facts remain that the factors listed by research are taking an unnatural toll on males.

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