Dr. OZ getting out of a rut using the tools

Do you feel like you are a hamster running constantly on the wheel of life-getting nowhere-seeing no change–and needing a drastic change? Dr. Oz brings a dynamic duo on board to discuss this very common and debilitating mental/health issue.

New York Times-bestselling authors of The Tools: Transform Your Problems into Courage, Confidence and Creativity.  Therapists Stutz and Michels have developed a groundbreaking methodology that brings about dynamic change, using five tools that promote discipline, develop self-expression, and deepen creativity. With over 60 years’ combined psychotherapeutic experience, Phil Stutz and Barry Michels guide individuals, organizations, and Fortune 500 companies to their highest potential by using “the tools”—exercises designed to access the power of the unconscious and propel users into action.


Reversal of desire—the tool you use when you have to do something uncomfortable. Drive thru the short term crabbiness-scream to yourself, bring on that pain knowing that is your ticket to freedom. (ex: diet, worrying, self-doubt) This tool allows you to act in the face of pain and helps you get your life moving again. Use the tool right before you act or whenever you think about doing something painful or difficult. Depression perfectly illustrates the absence of forward motion.  The authors stress this is not a one-time exercise but a life-long commitment that will change your life.

1. Focus on the pain you’re avoiding; see it appear in front of you as a cloud. Silently scream, “Bring it on” to demand the pain; you want it because it has great value.

2. Scream silently, “I love pain” as you keep moving forward. Move so deeply into the pain you’re at one with it.

3. Feel the cloud spit you out and close behind you. Say inwardly, “Pain sets me free.” As you leave the cloud, feel yourself transformed into pure light-forward-purpose.

Active Love—Use this tool when someone angers you, when you find yourself reliving a personal injustice, whether it was recent or in the distant past, or when you are preparing to confront a difficult person.

1.  Concentration: Feel your heart expand to encompass the world of infinite love surrounding you. When it contracts back to normal size, it contains all this love.

2. Transmission: Focus on the other person and send all the love from your chest to them, holding nothing back.

3. Penetration: When the Love enters the other person, feel it enter; sense a oneness with them. Now, if you relax you’ll feel all the energy you gave away returned to you.


“The happier you are with your life, the less risk you are for a heart-attack.  Happiness does the heart good,” Dr. Oz.


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