Mary opts for some solutions to make her husband (Craig T. Nelson) think more about her than his precious motorcycle. Diane meets a handsome, charming fellow (Andy Garcia) on a plane flight. Vivian bumps into a former flame (Don Johnson) who has never forgotten their time together. Sharon takes a dive into computer dating and says yes to one guy (Richard Dreyfuss).

The film picks up on a mood of sexual tension, but it’s of both a mature and amusing sort, all of it egged on by a bright and bubbly music soundtrack. It really doesn’t matter that there are a number of duds mixed in with the more numerous really funny bits because these are all characters that are easy to enjoy and hang out with. It’s also very clear that the four real women — not just the folks they’re portraying — are having a good time with each other. On top of that, there’s chemistry to spare between each of them and the men in their lives (even if it takes a while for one of those match-ups to work out).

In the end, it’s a love story, seen from four different vantage points. And unlike the book that brings it all together, it’s real, not kinky. Written by Bill Holderman and Erin Simms; directed by Bill Holderman.

When they sat down with Natalie Morales on Today this morning [5/14/2018] you could tell by their comments that this is a must-see movie.  We just can’t get enough of these comedic women and in so many ways, we relate to them.  Diane Keaton remarked, “The best part of the film for me was kissing Andy Garcia!”  The others swooned saying he was so sexy.  Just like high-school girls at the lunch table.

Grab your best girlfriends and head to the theater for a girl’s night out.

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