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About Us

CMR started out as just a small web site dedicated to providing movie reviews. It was originally founded by two college students who loved movies. It grew to include TV news and Celebrity Gossip. I, Robert Gunnells, took over CMR in the last half of 2009 with a small group of my friends. We had all been affected by the economy and wanted to set our own destiny. We started by just keeping with the original theme of CMR and slowly grew the site into what it is today.

How have we changed CMR?

The main changes in CMR have come through our own input and ideas. We didn’t want to be just another news web site that posted the same Gossip and News that all the other web sites out there covered. None of us live in Hollywood, so it would be impossible for us to produce original articles like you see on sites like TMZ. Our quest was to write original news and how could we do that? Starting at the first of 2011, we started focusing on the TV Shows we loved and also other areas. We decided to provide the latest updates on the shows we watched like American Idol and Dancing With The Stars and started providing both live blogging and timely updates on those topics.

Have you ever missed your favorite TV show and desperately wanted to know what happened?
-We provide News on many popular TV shows, by doing timely recaps of the action, so you won’t miss a thing.

This idea, of writers covering topics they were very fanatical about, has made CMR a site that you can come to to get the latest updates on TV Shows, Movie Reviews, and of course Exclusive Interviews that are all covered by actual fans and not just someone who knows nothing of the subject. We don’t cover every show or event because of the limits of our small staff. But what you see covered in CMR is actual and honest reports on the latest news my writers love. We give you all the details and we give you our analysis of these happenings.

There are lots of people who search every day for the latest News on certain events. We want CMR to be where you can find that News.

What are we doing to grow CMR?
We have recently downsized our staff and will be concentrating on covering the topics that the majority of our readers come here for along with getting back to our roots of providing Reviews of the latest movies, updates of the popular reality shows, recaps of regular shows, and exclusive interviews with today’s top stars.

We also use input from our readers and please feel free to make suggestions to us by using our contact form.

In the near future, we hope you will find CMR a site that has the best coverage of TV Shows, Movie Reviews, and Exclusive Interviews on the web. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you come back often.