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I am a big Television Fan and News Junkie. Due to the down turned economy, I have taken the initiative and put CMR together. My goal is to make CMR the site that gives our readers something not offered elsewhere. I can be found on google here

The X Factor, 12/5/2013, is down the the 6 final acts and two will be going home tonight. Last night, we saw Simon say that Restless Roads deserved to be in the finals. He was really a nice guy last night and never really criticized anyone. Could fatherhood be mellowing our favorite bad man? Who […]

The Voice showcased the final 6 contestants last night and each had to do 2 songs. So who will make it to the semi finals next week? Please take our Poll at the bottom of this article. CeeLo has nobody left and he seems to be throwing his support to his one time team member […]

The Provinces that were in the path of Typhoon Yolanda are getting no help and people are dying from lack of water and supplies. Watching TV, you would think that this massive relief effort in Tacloban, Philippines is actually branching out to the rural areas that were also devastated. You would be mostly wrong. In […]

Gravity opened this weekend with huge revenues and will dominate the box office results. This film is no great Sci Fi thriller and some parts of the plot are very unbelievable. Using a fire extinguisher to navigate through space like Wall-E was a little over the top. With that said, Gravity is a film that […]