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I am a promising Athlete and want to go into the Sports Medicine Field. I love shows like "The Voice" and "X-Factor" and want to write more about them.


The Amazing Race Results November 24: Only 4 Teams Left!

The Amazing Race had the contestants traveling to Bandung, Indonesia tonight as they say goodbye to the UAE. Ally and Ashley were the last team to depart but it did not matter as all the teams made the same flight. The Road Block for tonight was to assemble an Indonesian Musical Instrument called an Angklung. […]


Who Gets Eliminated On The Amazing Race Tonight November 24?

The Amazing Race is down to five teams as the contestants head to Bandung, Indonesia where the previews say one couple’s relationship gets a little “icy” when the heat of a Detour causes distress. Last week, we saw the exit of Nicky and Kim after they were U turned by Tim and Marie. The winners […]


Amazing Race November 10 Results: Who Got Eliminated?

Amazing Race starts out tonight with the 6 remaining teams heading to Abu Dhabi and one team gets a big jump on the first flight. Leo & Jamal are the only team to make the first flight and it gives them a 10 minute edge on the other teams. Nicole & Travis, Nicky & Kim, […]


MasterChef Junior Finale Results: Who Won Season1?

MasterChef Junior had the two remaining contestants fight it out on stage by cooking a full three course meal and it was really amazing watching these two “Junior” chefs handle the pressure. Alexander and Dara both prepared meals that would dazzle anyone eating at one of the finer restaurants around the country. For appetizers, we […]