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Dr. Oz Show October 31: Dolvett Quince Ways To Shed 100’s of Calories a Day

The Dr. Oz show, 10/31/2014, will be talking with Dolvett Quince from The Biggest Loser on simple ways to shave 100’s of calories a day from our diets that we may not even notice. Food swaps are nothing new to fans of Oz. Things like using Greek Yogurt as a spread instead of mayonnaise can […]

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Dr. Oz show October 30: Natural Ways to Blast Belly Fat

Dr. Oz, 10/30/2014, focused on busting belly fat naturally, without the help of miracle pills or supplements, so anyone can finally win the battle of the bulge. Almost everyone has heard about the Green Coffee extract fiasco that played out on the TV and in front of congress this summer. Oz was in the middle […]

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Dr. Oz Says Belly Fat One Of Easiest Fats To Lose OnThe Show Today

The Dr. Oz Show focused on myths about belly fat today and it was revealed that fat in this area is one of the easiest to lose. Science Bob joined the show and he says it is a definite myth that belly fat is hardest to lose. The fat stored in this area of the […]


Dr. Oz Show Today Busts The Biggest Belly Myths

The Dr. Oz show, October 30, 2014, is all about that big belly that gets in your way when you try to bend over or reach up on a shelf. We all know that Cortisol is a key factor when it comes to belly fat but what outrageous myths are out there fooling people into […]