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dr oz heart healthy supplement

Dr. Oz Show: Adult ADHD & CoQ10, Fish Oil, & Vitamin D Supplements

The Dr. Oz show, January 27, 2015, talked about recognizing the symptoms of adult ADHD and how CoQ10, Fish Oil, and Vitamin D supplements can keep your heart healthy. Zach Frye comes to the show to point out that anyone can benefit from natural supplements, even if their cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood pressure levels are […]


Dr. Oz 10 Day Total Body Overhaul Plan Anti-Inflammatory Protein

The Dr. Oz Show, January 26, 2015, focused on overhauling the body with a new 10 Day Plan that focuses on getting rid of processed foods and getting non animal protein into the diet. Just last week, Dr. Joel Fuhrman talked about limiting animal proteins to 10% of the total daily diet. Oz has said […]

dr oz enzymes

Dr. Oz Show Today: Gut Bacteria Is Key To Staying Healthy

Dr. Oz, January 21, 2014, focused on the gut, with guest Dr. Robynne Chutkan, and its relationship in overall health on the show today. Oz says if a person is doing everything right like exercising, washing hands, getting enough sleep, and eating right and they still seem to constantly get sick, then it may be […]

Doctor Oz

Dr. Oz 10 Day Energy Plan Details: Tyrosine To Start Day

Dr. Oz, January 19, 2015, gave out a 10 Day Plan to revitalize the body and get more energy naturally. The plan involves 5 simple steps and covers everything from snacking to those afternoon caffeine drinks. The problem with most snacks and drinks is that they contain caffeine and sugar. These will give you a […]