Three Musketeers Review: How To Kill A Classic With 3D


The new version of The Three Musketeers is a perfect example of how to kill a great story with 3D effects and is a movie in search of “character” that is never found. First, director Paul W.S. Anderson has taken a funny, charming, and intriguing story and turned it into a slash fest of over […]

Paranormal Activity 3: Just Like The First 2 And Better


Paranormal Activity 3 is not a film I was really excited about seeing. I know that sequels go down hill and after 2 good films, I was expecting a lot less than what was delivered. Holding true to the previous 2 segments, this movie is every bit as “grainy” and keeps you glued to the […]

The Big Year Review: Three Comedic Masters And A Few Birds


The Big Year is a catchy movie about a “sport” called Birding. Yes it really exists and it provides a great platform for Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson to do what they do best. Make you laugh! The plot of this movie based on the adventures of three Birders and their year long […]

Footloose Review: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!


Footloose will make you want to dance in the street while leaving you wondering why this movie was remade. What’s the point? The point of this remake, along with the original movie, is entertainment and fun. Forget about the plot, even though director Craig Brewer tries to give us a more in depth storyline, the […]

Ides Of March Review: Boring And Exciting At The Same Time

ides of march

The Ides of March (See You tube Trailer Below) is one of the most “predictable” movies this year that will keep you riveted to the screen with its great cast, even if you know exactly what is about to happen. First, the plot of this film is so transparent and built on widely known stereotypes […]

Real Steel Review: This Is No Movie For Small Kids


Real Steel promised a compelling tale of a man learning to be a good father, along with all the action that every kid will love and it delivered on most all levels. (See You tube Trailer Below) First, Hugh Jackman, playing Charlie Kenton, delivers an over the top performance as a father that finally learns […]

Killer Elite Review: Action And An Actual Plot Make This Movie “Killer”


Killer Elite is a different kind of action flick because it actually has a valid plot that is developed and used. Now with and all star cast that includes such heavy weights as Robert De Niro, Jason Statham, and Clive Owen, one would expect a better than average movie and Director Gary McKendry delivers in […]

“I Don’t Know How She Does It” Review: Fun Celebration Of The Modern Woman


“I Don’t Know How She Does It” celebrates the roles of the modern woman and is a delightful movie that many women will find funny with a certain ring of truth. (See Trailer Below) First, the plot is simple as it shows us the adventures of Kate Reddy, played by “Sex and the City” star […]

Contagion Review: Realistic, Deep Thriller That Plays On Your Fears


Contagion grips you from the very beginning with realism and plays on your fears with a multi pronged plot that will have you crying for the victims and yelling at the mistakes. This is one of those movies that sucks you in and makes you feel you are part of what is going on. Steven […]

Warrior Review: Awesome Fight Movie With A Message


In Warrior, I expected a “massive” fight movie that showcased the brutality of MMA fighting and it delivered more than expected. The training and fight scenes brought a sense of realism that will have you on the edge of your seat cheering. Gavin O’Conner did a masterful job choreographing the fight scenes. They are brutal […]