Breaking Dawn Part 1 Review: Twilight Gets All Mushy

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 is not the heavy action film that many like me were anticipating and it looked more like a romantic comedy than a horror film. First, the wedding between Edward and Bella is stuff people visualize in fairy tales. The wedding was the most spectacular on screen nuptual event […]


Immortals Review: The Absolute Best 3D Scenes With Nothing Else

The Immortals is one epic movie that has the best 3D effects I have ever seen in a movie, but it suffers from a plot that is scatterbrained at best. The sets in this film surpass anything you could have hoped for, the cliffs are real and seem to leap out at you, the costumes […]


Jack And Jill Review: This Should Have Been Hilarious!

Jack and Jill should have been a hilarious movie but it falls off a cliff in the beginning and never gets back on its feet again. The story line had potential, Adam Sandler plays both Jack Sadelstein and his twin sister Jill who is coming for a visit. This situation has been used before with […]


Tower Heist Review: Eddie Murphy Is Back!

Tower Heist will make you laugh as you would expect from a movie with an “A” list cast. The real jewel in this film is that Eddie Murphy is back and better than ever. The plot is a familiar set up straight from the news headlines of today where a billionaire investor is facing prosecution […]