extreme couponing season 2

Extreme Couponing Recap: Michelle and Kelly Get $1972 of Grocercies for $60

The 4-1-1 on “Extreme Couponing” this week boils down to some handy tips, hard work, and the extreme joy of beating the system.  These families used their savings to do some pretty remarkable things. First we met Michelle, the shelf cleaner, from Concord, NC and she spends about 30 hours each week clipping and organizing her […]

Simon Cowell of the “X Factor” Compliments Kelly on Live! Today

Simon Cowell talked of his childhood and the troublemaker that he was with Regis and Kelly this morning.  When he was a kid, he set fire to a Father Christmas costume and later, as an 11-year-old, he held up a taxi driver with a paint gun.  But these days he is a little mellower, though […]

The Duggar’s Campout – 19 Kids and Counting Recap

 12-year old Jedidiah was featured tonight on “19 Kids and Counting”. He’s a budding videographer and filmmaker wanna be. The boys had a small shed they had turned into a fort. The boys were spray painting the inside, with the supervision of an older brother. They were rewarded with a jump into a small pond […]

anderson cooper show

Anderson Cooper Talks with Paula Abdul, Morgan Freeman and Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

Anderson Cooper had a star-studded show today that began with the ever-energetic Paula Abdul.  She talked about her experiences on the “X-Factor” with Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, and Nicole Scherzinger.  She said that she is really enjoying the experience of working with Cowell again, saying “they finally get each other”.  She also shared a funny […]