In the show, Extreme Couponing, where the Battlefield is the local grocery store and paying full price is the enemy, extreme couponing is the norm! There’s a disclaimer on the TLC show: The Shopping trips depicted in this program are extreme. Because coupon policies vary by store, region and manufacturer, please review the policies of […]

The fifth season of “19 Kids & Counting” started of in a loud way with Josh and Anna taking their son Michael, who at the time of the taping was only a week old out to the doctor. Following his June 15 home birth, the proud parents took Michael James to the doctor for his […]

“The Little Couple” will begin its fourth season on TLC tonight at 10 pm EST. Jen & Bill will meet up with a couple they hope will be their child’s surrogate parents. The couple is forced to choose this unique way to start a family and has been very open and honest about the various […]

On the Dr. Oz Show today, Dr. Oz revealed the “truth” about chronic pain. 116 million people suffer from chronic pain and Dr. Oz says that there is ground-breaking research that proves chronic pain is a disease and not something you’re making up or is “in your head.” A lot of people came on the […]