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I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in the social sciences (Psychology and Sociology) with minors in English and Criminal Justice. I am TV Junkie and love to write about my favorite shows. Check me out on google+ here.

This week was the “Switch-Up” twist to season 18 of Dancing with the Stars where the viewing audience voted for the temporary reassignment of the contestants and their dance partners. A poll below will give you an opportunity to voice you opinion about the professional-celebrity remix. This week the leaderboard feature is going to be included in […]

Last season on Games of Thrones the season finale ends with the contention between Ygritte and Jon Snow hitting yet another feverish point as he attempts to leave and she fills him with arrows…does Jon Snow live? Daenerys Targaryen finds her army ever increasing after freeing slaves at Yunkai and now march on the slaver city […]

Last week, on Once Upon A Time, Rumpelstiltskin revealed the identity of the wicked witch of the West as being none other than the new resident in tow, Zelena, who had positioned herself as nurse maid to Snow White wishing to take the newborn about to arrive. This is what happens on Once Upon A Time […]

Fans of the Game of Thrones will be thrilled the wait is finally over with the season 4 premiere airing tonight on HBO at 9/8c (trailer below). There are “devils inside each of us” but from whom and how will they present themselves this season touted as being the most action-packed yet? Last season of […]