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I am a graduate student in Instructional Technology. I have an undergraduate degree in sociology and psychology. Writing gives me the creative outlet I need. I focus on reality television, science fiction and movies mixed occasionally with real life stories of particular interest to my adoring fans. Check me out on google+ here.


The Bachelor 2015 Season Finale: Prince Farming Goes Rogue!

This evening is the live season finale of “The Bachelor” in which Prince Farming (Chris Soules) will reveal his decision as to whom he will propose to. Will it Whitney Bischoff, the fertility nurse from Chicago or the virtuous Becca Tilly, the chiropractic assistance from San Diego? It is down to the wire and it […]


Once Upon A Time: The Dark Queens of Mean Come to Claim Happy Ending in Storybrooke

During the midseason finale, Regina says goodbye to Robin as he leaves Storybrooke to save Miriam’s life as the new secret project alliance between Henry and Regina (“The Evil Queen”) to give the villain her day as a hero is culminated but it is not the happy ending she really wishes for but hope is never far […]


King of the Nerds (2/27/15): Zombies Seek Brains in Nerdvana

Last week on King of the Nerds, things went nuclear as Heather took on Colby in the “Nerd Off” where Colby barely slipped by to win sending her packing as her dreams of becoming king went up in smoke! So what was in store in this week’s episode…murder and zombies looking for brains in Nerdvana! This episode […]


The Amazing Race (2/27/15) Preview: A Dirty Start Continues in Japan

Yes…The Amazing Race is BACK and with a new twist for this season! Television audiences were introduced to the new team on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 following the season premiere of Survivor. The teams are made up of currently dating teams (six) and six blind “first date” teams were the contestants met one another for the first time, […]