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Andi Dorfman

The Bachelorette Finale: Who Gets the Final Rose?

This evening on “The Bachelorette” it is up to Andi Dorfman to select who she is in love with and who will become her husband from the proposals she receives. Is it Nick or is it Josh? She is in the Dominican Republic with her family for final thoughts. The first man to meet the […]


“The Bachelorette” Will Not Be Racing to Anymore Picnics in an Iowa Cornfield!

Last week on “The Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman went to the hometowns of the four remaining bachelors and it was Marcus Grodd who was eliminated but never fear fans…he is headed to “The Bachelor Paradise” which is the newest spinoff replacing “The Bachelor Pad.” He will be joined by fellow cast member, Cody Sattler, This week, the […]


Big Brother 16.9 Recap: Who Is Ultimately Sitting Ducks on the Block This Week?

“Big Brother 16″ is moving right along this summer. Last week, we learned Team America is made up of Frankie “Turncoat” Grande, Donny “Genius Redneck” Thompson, and Derrick “Cop Undercover” Levasseur, who happens to be one of the current Head of Households following putting his way to victory during the live eviction show last Thursday. […]


Exclusive Interview with Shelley Morrison and Walter Dominguez

In an exclusive interview with Shelley Morrison (Will and Grace) and Walter Dominguez (Weaving the Past) much is learned about this dynamic duo who has been married for more than forty years. In the world of Hollywood celebrities, this is not only a feat in and of itself but a testament to the level of […]