“3 Holes and a Smoking Gun” Creates the Impression of a “WhoDunIt” Serial Script!

smoking gun

3 Holes and a Smoking Gun (formerly known as 3 Holes, 2 Brads, and a Smoking Gun) starring James Wilder (Melrose Place, Murder One) gives the audience the impression of a “WhoDunIt” serial killing script written in the blood of those who have come before. The screenwriter, Scott Fivelsen, won “Best Screenwriter” award at the 2014 Los […]

The Voice 2015 Blind Audition Premiere (2/23/15) – Christina’s BACK!


Last night, The Voice (season 8) welcomed back veteran coach and co-founder, Christina Aguilera, back to the chairs replacing Gwen Stefani from last season. The quartet of Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, and Christina Aquilera open the show with “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz. Fantastic way to kick off the new season from the start […]

James Wilder Talks…CMR Listens!

smoking gun

CMR recently interviewed James Wilder (Melrose Place, The Coriolis Effect, Murder One) about his new movie, Three Holes and a Smoking Gun (formerly “Three Holes, Two Brads and a Smoking Gun” where two brads was dropped as it was confusing and the consensus was only writers would understand the connection; however, this interviewer followed the reference as related to […]

Undercover Boss Shows the Human Side of Leadership

Rocket Fizz

Tonight on “Undercover Boss” Robert Powells, co-founder and president of Rocket Fizz (an old-fashioned candy and soda shop franchise company), takes center stage as an employee who talks about the broken heart he still nurses following the suicide of his girlfriend when the company was first beginning and finds comfort in the support of those who […]