I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Joan Steiger who is as gracious about her fame as she is in swooning about the great loves of her life. The conversation starts with inquiring as to what venue of performing she misses the most and the reason it plays such an important role in her life. […]

Stand-up comedy is a risky business and a skill in the craft takes many years of dedication which, in no way, guarantees a comedian will enjoy the successful fruits of hard labor. In a world filled with uncertainties, playing to public opinion stand-up comics very often find themselves amidst scant hypercritical audiences yet they continue […]

All In Films director and producer, Michelle Danner, of the recently reviewed independent movie “Hello Herman” allowed CMR to catch up with her for a telephone interview at her home in California. Danner does a fabulous job of bringing the epidemic adolescent syndrome of bullying to the masses in this full length film in which […]

I was asked to take part in a special screening exclusive to CMR for the movie Hello Herman (2012) which is directed and produced by Michelle Danner in cooperation with All In Films. The screenplay is written by John Buffalo Mailer. Both individuals are to be applauded for their remarkable insight into the plight of modern […]