Dr. Oz Show Today March 20: 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan Update

Dr. Oz started the year off with a revolutionary lifestyle eating plan that promised amazing results in just 2 weeks and it has been proven to work with most people. Most of the audience members that participated lost an average of 9 pounds on this diet in just 14 days. Oz has always said that […]


Juan Pablo Galavis, The Bachelor, Gets Dirt Dished by the Bachelorettes on “Women Tell All”

As television audiences around the world await to find out which woman has captured the heart of The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, the show takes a moment for those bachelorettes who have been reject to dish dirt and tell all from their perspective. Will Juan Pablo agree? Will all bachelorettes agree? Who supports who and […]


It’s True! Paul Walker Is Dead Following Car Crash!

Internet sites went ballistic about 7pm Eastern time as they reported unconfirmed speculation that Paul Walker, Star of the Fast and Furious Movie Series, had died in a car crash. With all of the fake celebrity deaths these days, CMR has been on the phone to the Santa Clarita Police Station and they would not […]