Dr. Oz Show Today: Paula Deen’s 35 Pound Weight Loss

Dr. Oz, March 16, 2015, visits with Paula Deen to learn how she took charge of her health and lost over 35 pounds in response to being diagnosed with Diabetes. Deen has been immersed in controversy with racial allegations in the past few years that added lots of stress to her life. even though the […]


The Amazing Race (2/27/15) Preview: A Dirty Start Continues in Japan

Yes…The Amazing Race is BACK and with a new twist for this season! Television audiences were introduced to the new team on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 following the season premiere of Survivor. The teams are made up of currently dating teams (six) and six blind “first date” teams were the contestants met one another for the first time, […]


10 Day Energy Revitalization Plan On Dr. Oz Show Today

Dr. Oz, January 19, 2015, is all about getting more energy with an all new 10 Day Plan to put the spring back in your step. As people age, the body naturally slows down. The digestive system may be sluggish and the liver could be working harder to filter the blood. Oz says getting the […]

Dr. Oz Recap 10/23/12: Statin Drugs As The Fountain of Youth?

Dr. Oz Show: Total 10 Sugar Fix & Statin Drug Guidelines

Dr. Oz, January 13, 2014, will talk about the three rules a person needs to know before taking statin drugs and give ways to fill sugar cravings while on the Total 10 Diet. As with every diet that eliminates sugar, Oz knows his new diet may leave some people craving a sweet treat. Today, Oz […]