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Dr. Oz Reveals New All Day Energy Diet

The Dr. Oz Show Today, September 25,2014, give viewers a new All Day Energy Diet that promises to put the “pep” back in your step and keep you going all day long while shedding the pounds. With the events over the Summer where Oz was unfairly ridiculed for letting his fans know of new products […]


Dr. Oz Show Today 9/10: New Sleep Clinic Launched

Dr. Oz, 9/10/2014, tackles another serious subject today as he goes into detail about his new sleep clinic that is designed to help up to 20 Million people get the rest they need. Any Oz fan knows that the body needs proper rest and if someone has trouble getting good quality sleep, they can experience […]


Dr. Oz Season 6 Premiere September 8 Talks About Ebola Virus

Dr. Oz, 9/8/2014, starts the new season off by talking with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about the Ebola Virus Epidemic and how some experts are saying it is only a matter of time before it reaches the USA. Ebola is deadly and there is no vaccine to stop it. A person can get it from infected […]


Dr. Oz Show Today: Cheat On Your Diet And Still Lose Weight

Dr. Oz, July 29, 2014, promises to give ways that you can cheat on your diet this Summer and still lose weight in an all new show today. Face it, many people lose control during the summer season as they go on vacations and are exposed to the many parties and events that happen in […]