Dr. Oz, April 20, 2014, is taking on the fad diets and myths out there that are keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals and Dr. Joel Fuhrman will be on the show to help out. Low Carb Diets, the Paleo Diet, the Atkins diet, and others have shown to be very effective for […]

The Dr. Oz Show, April 15, 2014, looks at the potential link between diet soda and heart attacks and a simple 10 Minute Plan to cure exhaustion for good. In previous shows, Oz has talked about the dangers of artificial sweeteners and how they can spike insulin levels just like real sugar. Last year, he […]

Dr. Oz says antibiotics may be the reason you cannot get rid of those excess pounds that seem to stick with you no matter how much you try to lose them. Can antibiotics really make a person fat? Oz says he has some new evidence that will shed light on this matter. Any Dr. Oz […]

Fans of the Game of Thrones will be thrilled the wait is finally over with the season 4 premiere airing tonight on HBO at 9/8c (trailer below). There are “devils inside each of us” but from whom and how will they present themselves this season touted as being the most action-packed yet? Last season of […]