Dr. Oz Today Nov. 27: Andrew Weil Gives No Pill Pain Solutions

The Dr. Oz Show, November 27, 2014, brings ways to fight pain without pills as Dr. Andrew Weil gives out natural ways to keep the pain away and keep you healthy. Weil firmly believes that food can prevent and cure disease. One big item he talks about is how fiber can keep your body working […]


Dr. Oz Show Details Kicking Artificial Sweetener Habit and Robin Roberts On Breast Cancer

Dr. Oz, 11/26/2014, has a new plan to kick the artificial sweetener habit and Robin Roberts will be on the show to talk about beating breast cancer and how gratitude can change your life. Robin Roberts decided she would not go down without a fight. She went public with all the details and treatments while […]


Personality Type Diet On Dr. Oz Show Today Nov. 25

The Doctor Oz Show, 11/25/2014, focuses on personality types and weight gain today where Oz gives specific diet advice designed to get rid of the extra pounds for good. Different personalities face problems in different ways. Introverted people tend to shy away from problems and could turn to food for comfort. Aggressive type A personalities […]

dr oz spices for cravings

Dr. Oz Show Today Nov. 17: Decode Your Cravings To Lose Weight

Dr. Oz is talking about cravings again today and promises to give the information you need to learn why you crave certain things along with details on getting control and finally losing weight. Do you crave salty snacks all day? This could be a sign of mineral deficiency. Sweet cravings can be a sign of […]