10 Day Energy Revitalization Plan On Dr. Oz Show Today

Dr. Oz, January 19, 2015, is all about getting more energy with an all new 10 Day Plan to put the spring back in your step. As people age, the body naturally slows down. The digestive system may be sluggish and the liver could be working harder to filter the blood. Oz says getting the […]

Dr. Oz Recap 10/23/12: Statin Drugs As The Fountain of Youth?

Dr. Oz Show: Total 10 Sugar Fix & Statin Drug Guidelines

Dr. Oz, January 13, 2014, will talk about the three rules a person needs to know before taking statin drugs and give ways to fill sugar cravings while on the Total 10 Diet. As with every diet that eliminates sugar, Oz knows his new diet may leave some people craving a sweet treat. Today, Oz […]


Total 10 Diet Update On Dr. Oz Show Today 1/12

Dr. Oz, January 12, 2015, is talking about his Total 10 Diet Plan today and will highlight ways to keep up the momentum as people get to the midway part of the program. Oz knows most people can stick to a plan for a short period of time but it is hard for anyone to […]


10 Minute Remedies For Back Pain On Dr. Oz Show Today

The Dr. Oz Show, January 8, 2014, focuses on one of the worst pains a person can have, back pain, and offers 10 minutes fixes to put the spring back in your step. Pain of any kind is very hard to take but back pain can immobilize even the toughest of people. Oz knows that […]