Last week was quite a shake up on Survivor Cagayan when Lindsey quit the game after Cliff was blindsided the previous week at tribal council. This is the season of blindsides as Alexis was taken by surprise as she was sent packing by the Aparri tribe after they lost the immunity challenge to the brawn-filled Solana tribe. What will happen […]

This evening television audiences will have one final chance to vote for their choices in the “Switch-Up” with pairs one contestant with another partner for one week. The results could be outstanding or devastating. In addition, Robin Roberts is the guest judge on one of the most inspirational weeks of the season…”My Most Memorable Year!” […]

It was Margie and Luke who were the last team to be eliminated on Amazing Race All-Stars but a new team faces the chopping block this evening as the teams race through the countryside of Sri Lanka in “Down and Dirty.” So what happened on Amazing Race All-Stars on March 30, 2013? On this episode, […]

Last week on Survivor Cagayan, the Brainiac tribe proved once more they are not cut out for this competition as they lost the immunity challenge and headed back to tribal council where J’ Tia was finally sent packing. With only three members remaining, it is not looking very hopeful for this struggling tribe. Never fear, […]