The Bachelor 2015: Hollywood Goes “Hog Wild” as Jimmy Kimmel Takes Over the Dates!

This evening is the third episode of “The Bachelor” and Chris Soules is visited by Jimmy Kimmel who first wakes him from a sound sleep and then takes over the dating scene. The first date card goes to Kaitlyn which states the duo will be joining an exclusive club which turns out to be CostCo. […]


The Bachelor 2015: Zombies Are Not the Only Ones Making the Women Crazy!

This week on “The Bachelor” Chris Soules breaks with tradition (while perhaps sending the wrong message to the women selected last week) and decides to keep Kimberly who was not given a rose during the first ceremony but feels she was sent on a mission and needs to follow it through. Chris Harrison tells our […]


The Bachelor 2015 Premiere: What Strange Things Happen When Farmers Come in From the Fields!

This evening is the season premiere of the nineteenth “Bachelor” as Chris Soules from Arlington, Iowa gets set to meet his ladies…will “THE ONE” be in the group? Chris Harrison starts the show out by giving a rundown of the vast array of women (widows, wholesome, and naughty) in addition to strange rose ceremonies. “Prince […]


The Voice Playoffs (Night 1): Who Rocks the Stage? Craig Wayne Boyd for Sure!

This season of The Voice has two new judges (as everyone knows) and tonight is the first LIVE playoffs in the singing competition. Who rocks the stage to move forward is the question on the minds of television audiences…the answer is Craig Wayne Boyd, for sure! The show opens with Carson Daly introducing the judges – Adam Levine, […]