The Bachelor 2015 Season Finale: Prince Farming Goes Rogue!

This evening is the live season finale of “The Bachelor” in which Prince Farming (Chris Soules) will reveal his decision as to whom he will propose to. Will it Whitney Bischoff, the fertility nurse from Chicago or the virtuous Becca Tilly, the chiropractic assistance from San Diego? It is down to the wire and it […]


The Bachelor 2015: Does Beautiful Becca Blunder in Bali?

Tonight Chris Soules and the three remaining bachelorettes travel to Bali on The Bachelor where the women will be given the option of spending the night with the bachelor in the fantasy suite…will the reveal of her intimate secret cast pristine Becca into the winds blowing back to the United States? Only time will tell but it […]


The Bachelor 2015: Hollywood Goes “Hog Wild” as Jimmy Kimmel Takes Over the Dates!

This evening is the third episode of “The Bachelor” and Chris Soules is visited by Jimmy Kimmel who first wakes him from a sound sleep and then takes over the dating scene. The first date card goes to Kaitlyn which states the duo will be joining an exclusive club which turns out to be CostCo. […]


The Bachelor 2015: Zombies Are Not the Only Ones Making the Women Crazy!

This week on “The Bachelor” Chris Soules breaks with tradition (while perhaps sending the wrong message to the women selected last week) and decides to keep Kimberly who was not given a rose during the first ceremony but feels she was sent on a mission and needs to follow it through. Chris Harrison tells our […]