Amazing Race 24.4 Recap: Mixing it Up in Malaysia


This past week has been filled with a concentration on the mysteriously missing Malaysian flight, but tonight on Amazing Race (3/16/14) the contestants will be concentrating on getting it right while mixing it up…either at the bar or in the DJ studio! YouTubers, Joey and Meghan, were eliminated last week. So what happened on Amazing Race […]

Survivor Cagayan Recap: Whose Time is it to Shine?


This week on Survivor Cagayan one of the tribes will shine but which one? During the immunity challenge, one tribe considers benching a strong member in order to “throw” the competition while one castaway melts down at the reward challenge? For those inquiring minds who want to know what happened on this episode of “Survivor”, […]

The Bachelor 2014 Recap: Is it Clare or Nikki Receiving the Final Rose from Juan Pablo?


Tonight is the season finale of The Bachelor where it will be revealed who Juan Pablo chooses – Clare or Nikki – as well as how it all comes about. Will there be more drama? Is there a twist the television audience does not see coming until it happens? This is what went down on […]

Amazing Race All-Stars Recap: It’s a Jungle Out There and Gnome Place for Reality Stars!


Last week on Amazing Race All-Stars, Brendon and Rachel wound up coming in first while Mallory and Mark were sent back to Kentucky. This week, Brendon and Rachel take off first to Malaysia but what happened and who is eliminated on Amazing Race All-Stars? The contestants arrive in the city of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. They […]

Undercover Boss Goes Undercover Employee


Undercover Boss (3-7-14) goes “Undercover Employee” on this episode which brings back three former undercover bosses from Menchie’s, Twin Peaks, and Postnet to investigate whether or not anything has really changed in their organizations. This time, however, it is the bosses who pull the strings and watch as tings unfold while three trusted employees go […]

The Voice Auditions Continue – It’s All About “I WANT YOU!”


The Voice blind auditions continue as Blake Shelton finds himself lagging behind the other three coaches in filling his “dance” card. Each team seems to have a very diverse array of singers so this season should be really interesting. The search continues as the blind auditions bring a multitude of voices to the stage in the […]

“The Voice” Blind Auditions Returns: Does This Week Produce the Level of Talent Expected?


Last week on The Voice, the four judges – Adam Levine, Usher, Shakira, and Blake Shelton – attempted to steal away a number of voices for whom all four chairs were turned. Will this week produce the level of talent the judges are now expecting to appear onstage? This recap details exactly what went down […]

“Amazing Race All-Stars” Deliver Cars in Guangzhou

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This week on Amazing Race All-Stars the teams remain in Guangzhou, China where the duet coming in last will be eliminated but before that happens, they must compete in roadblocks which tonight is to assemble a car before delivering it to the Guangzhou Children’s Cultural Center. Last week, the twins were eliminated even though Mark […]

Say Yes to the Dress: “Nothing Ordinary Here” and “More Money, More Problems”


Tonight on Say Yes to the Dress (2/28/14), Randy Fenoli and the staff at Kleinfeld Bridal are instrumental in assisting brides-to-be in selecting the PERFECT gown for their special day in two episodes titled “Nothing Ordinary Here” and “More Money, More Problems.” This recap highlights what happened during both episodes… NOTHING ORDINARY HERE Randy Fenoli […]

Survivor: Cagayan – The Tribes Hit the Beach For the First Time!


The new season of Survivor  starts tonight with Survivor: Cagayan but this time around, there will be three tribes competing…Beauty, Brains, and Brawn. Each tribe has six members who will compete for immunity and special opportunities as well as equipment to make their life easier. For a quick rundown of all the tribe members, check out “Survivor: Cagayan […]