Last season on Games of Thrones the season finale ends with the contention between Ygritte and Jon Snow hitting yet another feverish point as he attempts to leave and she fills him with arrows…does Jon Snow live? Daenerys Targaryen finds her army ever increasing after freeing slaves at Yunkai and now march on the slaver city […]

Last week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Skye was recovering from her wounds at the hands of Michael Peterson whom the agents now know is still alive but under the control of the Clairvoyant and operating under the guise of Deathlok. Simmons was testing the blood of Skye for the common denominator in the last […]

Much has happened on Resurrection that bears remarkable resemblance to the French miniseries The Returned. Thus far, a small boy, Jacob Langston, has returned after being dead for more than three decades followed by Caleb Richards who died from a heart attack which is discovered to be a part of a bank robbery. That return brought death […]

Doctor Oz Today, March 21, 2014, is a rebroadcast of a show that talked about the hidden dangers that are lurking in your food like Caramel Coloring and Triclosan. Oz is no stranger to taking on the FDA and this show was a big eye opener. Consumer Reports tested sodas across the country and found […]