Doctor Oz Today, March 21, 2014, is a rebroadcast of a show that talked about the hidden dangers that are lurking in your food like Caramel Coloring and Triclosan. Oz is no stranger to taking on the FDA and this show was a big eye opener. Consumer Reports tested sodas across the country and found […]

  This season on Pretty Little Liars, there have been a lot of reveals but nothing conclusive as to who is really “A.” The current list of suspects are Mrs. DiLaurentis and Ezra Fitz. Erza is covering up his involvement with all of the drama surrounding the disappearance of Alison DiLaurentis by stating he was […]

A couple of weeks ago, ABC’s Good Morning America had a dance party and introduced the new contestants for this season of Dancing with the Stars. In addition, there was a twist, the “Switch-Up,” announced where the television audience votes on who should partner with who so none of the couples are really “safe” in […]

Last week was the series premiere of Resurrection where a young boy named Jacob Langston, who died thirty-two years prior, awakens in an Asian rice paddy and returned to the United States by Bellamy, an immigrations investigator. During the first episode, a stranger stalks the young boy who is revealed to be Caleb Richards, another […]