The Voice - Season 6

Close Race but the Winner of “The Voice” 2014 is….

Last night on “The Voice,” the three finalist pulled out all the stops singing out their hearts in the hopes of being the strongest contestant to win the hearts of America and the crown of being THE VOICE of 2014 with a recording contract. Each had a great performance with the mentor and coach who […]


Once Upon a Time 3.19 Recap: Love Can Conquer All…Even Dark Magic and Evil Tendencies!

This week on Once Upon A Time “A Curious Thing” it is revealed who actually cast the memory loss spell on the residents in Storybrooke while they were back in the Enchanted Forest. It was actually Snow White and the sacrifice of Prince Charming using the  magic of Regina in hopes of foiling the green, mean, […]


Once Upon A Time 3.18 Recap: Stolen Hearts Bleed Through Time

Last week on Once Upon A Time, it was to be a showdown at the Storybrooke Corral when the envious green witch challenged Regina contemplating being able to take her heart as an ingredient to her scheme to travel back in time and change her lot in life. Regina decided to leave her heart in the hands […]


Game of Thrones, Season 4, Episode 1 Recap: “Two Swords”

Last season on Games of Thrones the season finale ends with the contention between Ygritte and Jon Snow hitting yet another feverish point as he attempts to leave and she fills him with arrows…does Jon Snow live? Daenerys Targaryen finds her army ever increasing after freeing slaves at Yunkai and now march on the slaver city […]