Dr. Oz Show: 7 Day No Juicing Detox Plan & Plant Sterols Lower Cholesterol

Dr. Oz, October 21, 2014, was all about detoxing the body and getting healthier on the show today as he highlighted a new 7 Day Plan to detox your body and get rid of inflammation and exposing how plant sterols help lower cholesterol levels. What are plant sterols and how do they work? Sterols are […]


Dr. Oz Show Today: Yuri Elkaim 7 Day Energy Boosting Diet

Dr. Oz, 9/25/2014, revealed a news 7 Day Energy Boosting Diet with Yuri Elkaim that promises to boost energy, lower inflammation, and get rid of those pesky pounds. Yuri Elkaim explains that for about 20 years, he suffered from various health problems and never seemed to have any energy, even though he was getting 10 […]


Dr. Oz Show Today: Wheat Belly Transformation Diet

The Dr. Oz Show, September, 23, 2014, highlights Dr. William Davis and his new book called Wheat Belly Total Health where Davis believes most of our health problems could be avoided or reversed by eliminating wheat from our diets. Davis has been on the show before with his Wheat Belly Diet and talked about what […]


Dr. Oz Show: Marijuana Candy for Kids In Colorado

Dr. Oz, 9/15/2014, says Marijuana Candy could be putting your kids in danger as high dose edible products hit the market in packaging that makes them look like candy. Oz says several states have legalized Medical Marijuana for patients but 2 States, Colorado and Washington, have legalized the drug for recreational use and we are […]