Dr. Oz Show Today September 2: Fiber is the Key to Sustained Weight Loss

Dr. Oz, 9/2/2014, talks about the one biggest health mistake most people make that could be keeping them fat and make them more susceptible to disease. Fiber is what keeps our digestive system working properly. Many Oz guests, like Andrew Weil and Joel Fuhrman, believe that fiber could be the one key ingredient to lowering […]


“Bachelor in Paradise” Takes Reality Television to a New Level!

This evening is the premiere of “Bachelor in Paradise.” It is the new spin-off for ABC of the “Bachelor” reality love franchise replacing “Bachelor Pad” this summer. Some of the preview highlights show incidents which may very well take reality television to an all new level. Does anyone find love? Chris Harrison hosts the show […]


Dr. Oz Show: Iced Tea Metabolism Boosters

Dr. Oz, 7/29/2014, gives ways to get your fat burning furnace revved up this Summer with his favorite Iced Tea Metabolism Boosters on the show today. Oz knows that the heat of Summer gets you thirsty and it is great to have flavorful options to keep your thirst at bay and give yourself a treat […]

Andi Dorfman

The Bachelorette Finale: Who Gets the Final Rose?

This evening on “The Bachelorette” it is up to Andi Dorfman to select who she is in love with and who will become her husband from the proposals she receives. Is it Nick or is it Josh? She is in the Dominican Republic with her family for final thoughts. The first man to meet the […]