The Chew Recap (8/19/15): Moo-ing for Farm Favorites Straight from the Farmer’s Market

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 1.58.38 AM

Today on The Chew, it’s all about everybody’s farm favorites as the gang showcases the best recipes to get from fresh produce – from Michael’s interesting Farmer’s Market finds, Clinton’s Japanese eggplant dish, to Mario’s focaccia sandwich. It’s all about the freshest ingredients straight from the farm to add more recipes to your treasure throve […]

Zoo Recap S01E08; Rats, rats and more rats

Zoo 3

Episode aired 18 August 2015. A ship reported and unusually large amount of rats while at sea. Later there is no communication and the ship is adrift toward Pender Island. Soon after, a fisherman reported thousands of rats swimming ashore. When local authorities boarded the ship they found the crew dead. Among the cargo was […]