Ray Donovan Recap S03E10; Ray helps his dad

Ray Donovan 3

Episode aired 13 Sept 2015. Ray reaches-out to an Armenian entertainer to try and help Mickey. Mickey is still under pressure to rat on the Armenians for the police. Working for the Dybek Company, ex-FBI agent Ed Cochran, played by Hank Azaria, is looking for a way to get some payback against Ray. In an […]

Ray Donovan Recap S03E09; Mickey turns rat

Ray Donovan

Episode aired 6 September 2015. Mickey is being questioned by the police about his relationship with the Armenians. A man from the U.S. Attorney’s office enters the room and pressures Mickey to wear a wire in order to get the Armenians on tape incriminating themselves. Mickey objects but feels he has no choice. He agrees […]

Scream Recap S01E10; the killer is unmasked

Scream 3

Episode aired 1 September 2015. Still at the Halloween Party, Maggie heads to the police station where another murder has occurred and Seth has escaped. Piper leaves the party and Emma calls Kieran, who does not answer his phone. Audrey is at Brooke’s party with many others in attendance. They are not aware of the […]

Zoo Recap S01E10; Killer FBI man catches Chloe

Zoo 3

Episode aired 1 September 2015. Jackson suggests to the team that they head to Florida to find a guy named Ray, who can help them get back to Africa. Abraham is against the idea. They find Ray being beaten up by 2 fisherman because let their fish catch go free. Abraham tells the fishermen that […]