Tyrant Recap So2e11; Rami saves the day


Episode aired 25 August 2015. Mahmoud is briefing Jamal on their military situation and recommends to Jamal that he get away to a friendly country while there is still time. Jamal refuses and says he will not run away. Molly arrives to talk with Jamal. She tells Jamal that Barry is alive. Jamal left his […]

The Dr. Oz Show Recap (8/24/15): Tony Danza Makes Everyone Teary-Eyed as He Talks About Changing Life

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 4.17.48 AM

Today on the Dr. Oz Show, our favorite doctor talks about the food for you foods, fructose intolerance, and calcium intoxication while actor Tony Danza drops by to talk about the pivotal event that changed his life forever. For starters, Dr. Oz talks about fructose intolerance through the help of Amanda’s story where even if […]

Ballers Recap S01E10; Spencer gets promoted

Ballers 4

Episode aired 23 August 2015. Spencer walks into the office and learns that he has been promoted to head of the Sports Division and Joe was terminated. Before leaving, Joe turned the office upside down. Spencer complains that Joe needs to be working with him. The owner, Mr. Anderson, played by Richard Schiff, wants Spencer […]

Doctors Recap; eat fish to prevent hearing loss

Doctors 2

Segment aired 21 August 2015. If you cannot decide what to serve for dinner tonight, maybe chicken or stir fried burgers, here is an alternative. Travis Stork, M.D., and Dr. Andrew Ordon talk about the benefits of eating right. There is new evidence that eating fish might help against hearing loss. Brigiman’s (SP) Women’s Hospital […]

Scream Recap S01E08; Emma is still acting the part

Scream 3

Episode aired 19 August 2015. Everyone is recovering from the attacks of the killer in the last episode. Jake is in the hospital recovering from what looked like a hunting knife through the heart. Emma is walking around in a daze pretending she cared for people she snubbed when they were alive. Noah and Brooke […]