Dr. Oz Show: Dr. Mike Dow’s Personality Type Diet Details

The Doctor Oz Show Today featured Dr. Mike Dow and focused on determining how we use food in order to get our eating habits under control and lose weight. Oz has emphasized the effects of emotional eating on our body in past shows. He has shown that things like sugar are similar to drugs in […]


Dr. Oz Show Nov. 24: Natural Immunity Booster and Energy Reboot

The Dr. Oz Show, 11/23/2014, focused on rebooting your body naturally to get more energy and a natural way to boost your immunity with a veggie that many of us throw away after Halloween. Many people experience a “slow down” during the day and reach for an energy drink, coffee, or sweets like chocolate to […]


Dr. Oz Show: Chris and Heidi Powell’s Couples Diet

Chris Powell came to the Dr. Oz show today to give out his new Couple’s Diet Plan that allows a couple to get healthy together and lose weight. Oz had 2 guests on his show that wanted desperately to lose weight before they got married. Both of these people were active and had jobs that […]


Whole 30 Diet Plan From Dr. Oz Show Today Nov. 20

Dr. Oz, 11/20/2014, talked with Dallas and Melissa Hartwig about the Whole 30 Diet plan to overhaul your health in 30 days. This viral diet started in 2009 when these two decided to get healthy after Dallas had a shoulder injury. This diet began as a way to naturally relieve pain with food and also […]