Dr. Phil Recap (7/31/15): Cyberbullying and Pretty Little Mean Girls

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Today on Dr. Phil, one of the most dangerous trends affecting young adults of this generation is cyberbullying. 20-year-old Kalista, 22-year-old Shelby and 21-year-old Shayna say they all have been victims of cyberbullying at the hands of 20-year-old Taylor. Taylor says she’s just defending herself after being bullied herself. Are they all ready to unplug […]

The Talk Recap (7/31/15): Christina Applegate Drops by as the Ladies Talk about T-Swift, T-Cruise and T-witter

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Today on The Talk, Christina Applegate drops by to join in the conversation and talk about her new movie ‘Vacation’ while the ladies talk about Tom Cruise, Sofia Vergara and Taylor Swift. Julie starts off with the unstoppable Tom Cruise, who states that he like to do more Mission Impossible for four more decades. She […]