Tonight “Quiet Minds” find voices on Once Upon a Time as the episode opens with Granny letting Emma in to meet with Hook, Regina, Mary Margaret, and David to discuss Rumpelstiltskin who they discover is still alive somehow and was being kept in a cage in the basement of an old farm house…the lair of […]

The Dr. Oz Show, March 26, 2014, had our favorite TV doctor talking about the Super grain Kaniwa and the health benefits of adding a gluten free replacement to our diets. Kaniwa is actually a seed and is a good replacement for rice or oatmeal. Oz says you don’t need to wash it before cooking […]

Dr. Oz, March 24, 2014, had Dr. Joel Fuhrman on the show to talk about his new book called “The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life” and Oz gives some simple tests you can do to help determine your heart and brain health. The Paleo diet, Mediterranean diet, and the Wheat Belly diet […]

Grey’s Anatomy is certainly shifting gears lately and venturing into more complex storylines that tend to address far more morality based issues than in the past and even delving deeper into medical knowledge and technology than the surface rhetoric of seasons gone by. Last week’s episode, “Throwing It All Away,” began with an assumed medical factoid the human tailbone […]