Dr. William Davis Wheat Belly Diet on Dr. Oz Show Today

Dr. Oz, July 10, 2014, has William Davis on the show today to talk about his Wheat Belly Diet and how genetically modified grains, called Frankenwheat, cause large spike in blood sugar levels. Oz and most other doctors that delve into the weight loss arena recommend a diet that consists of at least some whole […]


Dr. Oz Show Today: Fast Metabolism Diet Plan

Dr. Oz, July 9, 2014, is talking with Haylie Pomroy about her new Fast Metabolism Diet Plan that promises to rev up the body’s fat burning furnace so the pounds will melt away. Oz has talked about our metabolism many times and says it is a myth that you cannot change the way your body […]


Dr. Oz Show Today: 7 Belly Blasters That Really Work!

Dr. Oz, June 30, 2014, focuses on Omentum or Belly fat on the show today and he says there are 7 simple steps to blasting it away for good. Exercise will get you into shape and doing sit ups will get your abs looking great. Oz says the problem with exercise alone is that you […]


Rising Star: Who’s Ready to Raise the Wall?

Last week, ABC showcased a new singing reality show entitled “Rising Star” where the television audience can interactively vote on the performance currently on stage and if the total of those votes is 70%, the wall is raised and the artist moves forward. One catch is the West Coast of the United States, because of the […]