Dr. Oz Show 3 Day Turbo Detox Cleanse From Dr. Woodson Merrell

The Dr. Oz Show Today, June 13, 2014, is all about safely detoxing your body so you can finally lose weight and feel great. Dr. Woodson Merrell, author of the book, “The Detox Prescription: Supercharge Your Health, Strip Away Pounds, and Eliminate the Toxins Within,” joins Oz on stage to talk about cleansing and detoxing. […]


Dr. Oz Show: 5 Hidden Signs of Gluten Sensitivity

The Doctor Oz Show Today, June 11, 2014, focused on the 5 hidden signs of Gluten Sensitivity and had Consumer reports experts rate the best Protein Powders. Gluten has been proven to wreak havoc on some people and it is finally being taken seriously by the general medical community. Celiac Disease is the most extreme […]


Dr. Oz Show: High Triglycerides Increase Heart Disease Risk 300%

The Dr. Oz Show Today, June 10, 2014, is talking about the fat, Triglycerides, in your blood that doctors seem to forget about and patients could be at risk. We all know about Cholesterol and the LDL and HDL fats that we get built up in our body and this is a result of both […]

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Dr. Oz Recap: Dr. Junger Vegan, Juice, and Gut Flush Cleanses

The Dr. Oz show Today, June 9, 2014, is all about detoxing your body with a cleanse that is specific to your problem and Dr. Alejandro Junger is on the show to give all the details. Anyone who is an Oz fan knows that the key to finally losing weight and keeping it off starts […]