Dr. Oz, March 24, 2014, had Dr. Joel Fuhrman on the show to talk about his new book called “The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life” and Oz gives some simple tests you can do to help determine your heart and brain health. The Paleo diet, Mediterranean diet, and the Wheat Belly diet […]

Grey’s Anatomy is certainly shifting gears lately and venturing into more complex storylines that tend to address far more morality based issues than in the past and even delving deeper into medical knowledge and technology than the surface rhetoric of seasons gone by. Last week’s episode, “Throwing It All Away,” began with an assumed medical factoid the human tailbone […]

This evening is the series premiere pilot for The 100 which is about the return of 100 juvenile prisoners to post-apocalyptic Earth sent from the remaining human civilization surviving in space on a station arc that is failing to see if the planet is inhabitable. It has been nearly a century. What awaits the teenagers is nothing […]

The Dr. Oz Show Today talked about new research that suggests antioxidants may cause cancer and Dr. Jennifer Sacheck, who authored the book “Thinner This Year,” says supplements are the problem. Oz is constantly giving out guidelines and recommendations about supplements that are supposed to help keep us healthy and prevent disease. Supplements are designed […]