Toxic Acid Heartburn Diet Plan & Grocery List: Dr. Oz Show Nov. 7

Dr. Oz says constant heartburn and toxic acid can cause headaches, sore throats and other health problems but it can be controlled naturally with Alkaline foods. Oz says antacids treat the symptoms but do nothing to prevent them from coming back. He says aver 50 million people suffer from heartburn on a daily basis. Checking […]


Dr. Oz Show Today: Slow Thyroid Quiz & 4 Natural Thyroid Boosters

Dr. Oz, 11/6/2014, talks with Dr. Aviva Romm about the effects of a slow thyroid, discusses how it can be hard to detect, and offers 4 natural ways anyone can boost hormone production. First, Oz explains that the thyroid is a butterfly shaped organ, located in your neck, that is responsible for controlling hormone production […]


Wendy Williams Talks Sneak Eating on Dr. Oz Show Today

Dr. Oz has TV personality Wendy Williams on the show today to discuss her 30 pound weight loss and take questions and answers from the audience. Williams decided to change her life when she was 48 years old and had to get on a scale at the doctor’s office. She dished that she grew up […]


Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar Hot Belly Diet on Dr. Oz Show Today

Dr. Oz, November 3, 2014, talks with Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar about the Hot Belly Diet designed to rev up your metabolism and get your body burning fat instead of storing fat. Dr. Suhas first starts off talking about the tongue and how it can show a person that their metabolism is not working like it […]