Machete Kills has a cast list that would make many in Hollywood jealous with envy but it proves you need a real movie to capitalize on all that talent. If you told me that I could make a movie and I would get Carlos Estevez, AKA Charlie Sheen, Antonio Banderas, Mel Gibson, Jessica Alba, Michelle […]

Gravity opened this weekend with huge revenues and will dominate the box office results. This film is no great Sci Fi thriller and some parts of the plot are very unbelievable. Using a fire extinguisher to navigate through space like Wall-E was a little over the top. With that said, Gravity is a film that […]

Riddick will not disappoint any of the die hard fans of the first two installments as this film is pure unadulterated mayhem that only one being can deliver. When we last saw our anti-hero, he had just taken over the rule of the Necromongers. Once again, there is no rest for him as he is […]

Kick Ass 2 Opened without one of its stars at the press briefings and premieres this weekend with Jim Carrey coming out and stating he cannot support this film after the Sandy Hook incident. Some of his co-stars went off on Carrey via Twitter by trying to draw a line between what happens in real […]