Dr. Oz Show Today: Dr. Andrew Weil’s No Pill Pain Solutions

The Dr. Oz Show, October 23, 2014, brings ways to fight pain without pills as Dr. Andrew Weil gives out natural ways to keep the pain away and keep you healthy. Weil firmly believes that food can prevent and cure disease. One big item he talks about is how fiber can keep your body working […]

Weaving the Past

Screening Exclusive – Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery by Walter Dominguez

Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery by Walter Dominguez is a film about his personal expedition to uncover family mysteries and find renewed passion for the future in a world seemingly headed toward self-destruction which was initiated by the quest to discover the roots of his maternal grandfather when voices from the past echoed in […]


Dr. Oz Show June 5: Ultrasimple Diet with Dr. Mark Hyman

The Doctor Oz Show Today, June 5, 2014, focused on a new Ultrasimple Diet Plan by the health guru Dr. Mark Hyman and covered Insomnia with Michael Breus. Mark Hyman is all about simplicity and his healthy diet plans are bare bones guides that allow the dieter to customize them easily and get the pounds […]


Machete Kills Review: Impressive List Of Actors Can’t Save This Film

Machete Kills has a cast list that would make many in Hollywood jealous with envy but it proves you need a real movie to capitalize on all that talent. If you told me that I could make a movie and I would get Carlos Estevez, AKA Charlie Sheen, Antonio Banderas, Mel Gibson, Jessica Alba, Michelle […]