On the Dr. Oz Show today, Dr. Oz is checking in on week five of the 2011 Move It and Lose It program, and now he reveals the best time of day to fight fat and lose weight. He provides a timetable, which if you follow you can lose more weight than otherwise. Dr. Oz’s […]

On today’s Dr. Oz show, Dr. Mehmet Oz is going to discuss a 28-day Holistic Health Overhaul. He will be interviewing an alternative health guru, and will be sharing how you can get healthy in four weeks without needles or pills. The first step, Dr. Oz says, is to detox and diet. He suggests getting […]

Today on the Dr. Oz show, the good doctor plans to expose the “other” omega that is hiding in your food. I’m not sure if this is good or bad, but it seems important so we’d better watch! Dr. Oz promises to help us learn to tell the good from the bad and to make […]

Today on the Dr. Oz show (January 18, 2011), Dr. Oz will be interviewing Dr. Joe Mercola. Dr. Oz is hyping this man as being the “health expert doctors love to hate” and he invites his viewers to meet the man their doctors don’t want them to talk to. BusinessWeek has criticized Dr. Mercola’s website […]