Doctor Oz started out the Dr Oz show today with what he called “Fast Forward Friday,” which was a collection of his fast fixes for everything that ails us! First up was a pill that helps prevent heart disease and even Alzheimers. It is….Vitamin D! It only costs about 10 cents each and it’s the […]

Tonight on American Idol season 10, contestants take the stage to wait out their fate! We got the chance to hear Crystal Bowersox perform live on the idol stage and I was so excited! Crystal Bowersox has proven to the world that she was destined to be a singer! Tonight we also got the chance […]

On the Dr Oz show today, Doctor Oz revealed his top five metabolism boosters that will help you lose weight if you are over 40 years old! Being as how I am definitely on the wrong side of 40, my ears perked right up because it is much harder to lose weight now than it […]

Tonight on episode 5 of Extreme Couponing we meet Desirae and Stephanie. Desirae Young lives in Kannapolis, NC and spends up to 60 hours each week planning for a shopping trip. Though a typical week will take much less, this episode showed her gearing up for a super sale at her local store. Yes, she […]