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Dr. Oz Recap: All About Husbands And Their Secrets/Bad Habits Today!

Today on the Dr. Oz show, the topic was all about husbands. Men’s secrets, bad habits and lack of understanding were all addressed on the show by Doctor Oz. Secrets Men Keep from their Wives Dr. Oz revealed the results of a national poll on men’s health, and we found out secrets that most men […]

Interview with Brendan Wayne: John Wayne’s Grandson, ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Star, and Passionate Patriot

John Wayne may have been larger than life in some respects, but from my interview with his grandson, I would say that Brendan Wayne is poised to be equally large; if not in height then depth of character and willingness to speak his mind. Brendan Wayne plays Deputy Charlie Lyle in the movie Cowboys & […]

Dr Oz Recap: 700-Pound Colleen, Cutting Edge Hair Removal Treatments and How to Avoid Snacking

Today on the Dr Oz Show, 700-pound Colleen aired her dirty laundry, we played the $500 Health Drop game, learned two new cutting-edge hair removal treatments and learned some tips to avoid snacking. Colleen the 700-pound Woman Remember Colleen, the 700-pound woman? Her second episode re-aired on the Dr. Oz Show today, and we got […]

Dr. Oz Recap: Alzheimer’s, Brain Foods, Soda Addiction, Adenomyosis and Hot Flash Helpers

On the Dr. Oz Show today we learned about Alzheimer’s Disease, foods that are good for the brain, soda addiction, adenomyosis and tips for decreasing hot flashes. Early Detection for Alzheimer’s Experts believe that Alzheimer’s Disease starts up to 10 years before symptoms first show! So early diagnoses and treatment can make a huge difference, […]