It’s the season five premier of Private Practice “God Laughs” and we’re back in the hospital as Pete was left with a heart attack at the end of season four, after Violet, selfishly, in my opinion, left him to go on her book tour that ended the practice in general. Sheldon tries to help Amelia, […]

On tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy “Take the Lead” the Chief….who has decided to take the fall for Meredith, steps down and leaves it to Owen, but not without putting the fifth-year residents in control of solo surgeries. So obviously, Derek will snap at Meredith and continue to behave abominably…at least Owen and Cristina are […]

On today’s Dr. Oz show, Doctor Oz explored near-death experiences. As a surgeon, he says he has seen it from both sides and it has happened to a patient of his named George. What George taught Dr. Oz is that we don’t “do death well” in America. Laurelynn came on the show and shared her […]

A new season of “Real World” premieres on MTV with a new group coming together in San Diego. What will happen and how will they get along remains to be seen! Let’s meet the roomies~ There is Priscilla who is from San Diego and the youngest of the bunch at 19-years-old and could be considered […]