Dancing With the Stars: Judges Scores For October 31, 2011


Dancing With The Stars is finally getting predictable as we saw the dancer with the lowest score, Chaz Bono, eliminated and a little drama between Maks and the judges. This week each contestant will be dancing twice, once in a group dance and then performing an unlearned dance. Ricki Lake came back strong last week […]

The 10-Minute Miracle Workout Plan to Shed Pounds ANYONE Can Do (Dr. Oz Show)!

Dr. Oz logo 6

What is the 10-minute miracle workout plan to shed pounds ANYONE can do? The “Dr. Oz Show” talks about the P90X Extreme Home Fitness program by Tony Horton which can produce amazing results without an expensive home gym in just 10 MINUTES A DAY! Unbelievable? You bet, but according to Dr. Oz on the show […]

Kitty’s Rule Weekend Box Office As Puss In Boots Takes Number One Spot

The weekend box office was shaken by an animated Kitty this weekend as Puss In Boots beat out Paranormal Activity 3 to rule the weekend box office. According to Box Office Mojo, Puss In Boots is on course to take in more than $34 million dollars and will eclipse last week’s biggest film by over […]

Amazing Race 19 Results 10/30: One Team Suffers A Setback That Could Cost Them


The Amazing Race 19 sends 7 teams from Thailand to Malawi, in Southern Africa, tonight and only six will continue on after the elimination. Teasers for tonight’s show say one Team member gets the local fans cheering them on after falling into last place. It is also said that there will be a mad dash […]

So You Think You Can Dance Concert Rocks L.A. (CMR Exclusive Photos)


The So You Think You Can Dance Tour played to a huge crowd last night at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California and it was a very exciting evening. The performers danced to Queen, Tina Turner, George Benson, Coldplay & Ertha Kitt and many more artists. The high energy show featured the skill of […]

In Time Review: Justin Timberlake Makes A Great “B” Movie Actor


“In Time” is a disappointing film that manages to bring back memories of those great “B” movies of years gone by and solidly makes Justin Timberlake the new poster child for low grade films. The story had so much potential, as it showcases the disparities between the “haves” and “have nots”, but it fails to […]

Puss In Boots Review: Move Over Shrek There’s A New Kitty In Town


Puss In Boots delivers a knockout punch that allows our new “Kitty” hero to rule supreme in the animated film world. DreamWorks has raised the 3D bar once again by making an outstanding 3D adventure. First, let’s talk about the 3D effects. There are plenty of things in Puss that jump out at you and […]

“Don’t Feed the Humans” in a Prehistoric Diet Experiment at the Zoo on the Dr. Oz Show!


The “Dr. Oz Show” today featured the “Don’t Feed the Humans” prehistoric diet experiment conducted by the show at the Turtleback Zoo and the results were AMAZING! Three women were given a diet of 10# of raw fresh fruit and vegetables for two days. This was the results – The average blood pressure dropped from […]