Dr. Oz 12/30/2011: The Oz Approved Shopping List And Healthy Alternatives

dr oz holistic health show

Doctor Oz Today is another episode that deals with busy moms and how they can keep their families eating healthy on a budget. This episode lets Oz see first hand how hard it is to be a real mom and how much work is involved. He comes up with an easy way for the family […]

Reusable Toilet Paper Anyone? “Extreme Cheapskates” on TLC Makes Extreme Couponing Look Like Child’s Play!

Jeff Yeager and goat head dinner

This evening on TLC, there was a special called “Extreme Cheapskates” where the frugal get…well, extreme! Although there were relatively few useful tips during the show, it did bring some laughs (and a few near upheavals). It makes “Extreme Couponing” look like the “Taming of the Shrew.” The show started out with the lives of […]

Dr. Oz 12/28/2011: 10 Minute Miracle Workout And Kidney Disease


Doctor Oz continues with the best episodes of this season today with the 10 Minute Miracle Workout that is designed to get you in shape quickly. This show originally aired on October 31, 2011 and talks about the P90X workout system that is said to produce amazing results. This plan focuses on short workouts that […]

Dr. Oz Today 12/27/2011: 5 Ways to Recharge Your Body In 5 Days


Doctor Oz today is another previously aired show that deals with 5 ways to recharge your body. The episode deals with foods to avoid to keep your libido in full gear and also foods that will energize your life between the sheets. He gives us his own unique take on how to deal with joint […]

“You Deserve It” Season Finale Where Winning is About Giving!


Tonight is the season finale of “You Deserve It,” the game show with host Chris Harrison (The Bachelor and Bachelorette) where the winning is about giving as as the motto is “it is far better to give than receive.” This evening KC Holiday will be playing for his mother, Carole, who has fell on desperate […]

“Grey’s Anatomy” Patrick Dempsey Talks to Girls Who Saved Mom Using Tips from Show on Anderson (12/26/11)


This afternoon, Anderson Cooper will host the “Anderson” show with guests Gloria Vanderbilt (Cooper’s real life mother) and friend Kathy Griffin as they hold a New Year’s celebration by opening champagne as they talk about memorable New Years’ past. In addition, Kathy and Anderson will share their New Year’s resolutions for this coming year. The […]

Rachael Ray Helps You Celebrate New Year’s Eve With a “Bash on a Budget!”


Rachael Ray (12/26/11) helps viewers gain new and insightful ideas on celebrating New Year’s Eve with a “Bash on a Budget!” Now that Christmas is over and everyone is looking for a fresh way to start the new year, including how to decorate without breaking the bank, this show is just what you need to […]

We Bought A Zoo Review: Sweet, Shallow, And Heart Warming


We Bought A Zoo is the latest attempt by Cameron Crowe to pull our heart strings in a way that will have us so overcome by emotion that we forget about the movie we are watching. This man is a master at bringing emotion to the audience. Who can ever forget the words “you complete […]