The contestants on Syfy’s Face Off are challenged tonight to channel the creative genius of Tim Burton to create fabulous special effects make-up artistry in his style while maintaining their own unique style. Who will soar and who will fall flat in this “Burtonesque” challenge? Find out who is eliminated tonight following a recap of […]

Tonight on Survivor One World, Mother nature rolls in with a massive storm which leaves the women chilled to the bone and without a fire to dry out or cook food. The men, on the other hand, have had a relatively restful night under the tarp and heated by a fire which continues to burn. […]

Doctor Oz gives Super Foods and Super Supplements for your specific body type to get your diet going to allow you to lose weight. Oz starts the show and says Ayurvedic Medicine will balance you mind, body, and spirit and will match you to your specific body type. Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary says the three body […]

Syfy’s Face Off  has returned with even more challenging challenges for the contestants in the reality competition where individuals face one another in weekly make-up scenarios that test their imaginations and skills. McKenzie Westmore, whose father is the famous artist behind the make-up wizardry for Star Trek. Joining her weekly is a special guest judge […]