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In order to contact the editorial staff or a certain editor, please address your e-mails to
staff@current-movie-reviews.com or you may email our staff directly by their email address in each profile.. (Below is a complete list of our editors and their area of expertise).

Editor/Owner: Rob – I am a big Television Fan and News Junkie. Due to the down turned economy, I have taken the initiative and put CMR together. I gathered a few old friends and we have begun our journey into to online news arena. My goal is to make CMR the site that gives our readers something not offered elsewhere. email:robertg@current-movie-reviews.com
Assistant Editor/Writer: Doreen Eugenio– Doreen is a former school teacher that decided to be a stay at home mom. Doreen has a degree in Education and has gladly taken on the responsibilities of being our Assistant Editor. Doreen loves movies and TV so she should be a good addition to our great team. email: doreene@current-movie-reviews.com
Writer: Tammie Edenshaw– Tammie recently graduated this spring a Bachelor’s Degree in the social sciences (Psychology and Sociology) with minors in English and Criminal Justice. Although an accomplished writer, she remains “on the fence” about publishing an autobiography about her complex (and many times traumatic) life, relying instead on allowing the familiarity with many situations to influence her writing in a humorous (and sometimes sarcastic) fashion. She is the director of a performance art center which provides expressive opportunities for special needs children and young adults. email: tammee@current-movie-reviews.com
Writer: Alexis Higgins – Alexis is a high school senior that loves to watch all kinds of TV. She is planning to go to college and major in Sports Medicine. She is writing for CMR to broaden her skills and to help pay her way through college. Email: alexis@current-movie-reviews.com
Writer: Rene Snyder – Renee Snyder has been following Adam Lambert’s career since he began his journey on American Idol. She has met him, interviewed him and seen him perform live many times. As a professional researcher, Renee uncovers current, relevant information related to Adam Lambert and reports this up to date information to his fans. Renee will be bringing her expertise and passion to CMR by providing updates on Music and Adam Lambert along with other topics and Exclusive interviews. email:renees@current-movie-reviews.com
Writer: Daniel Schindel – Daniel is a new writer for CMR. His specialty is reviewing movies and he wants to become a professional movie critic. Email: danschindel@gmail.com

You will also see posts with the author name of Old Author. Some of these posts are dated posts from when we kept our authors names out of the article. Some of these posts are from writers that are no longer with us.