60 Minutes Recap 3/25/2012: DNA Sets An Innocent Man Free!

sergio marchionne

DNA is used to give a man freedom after serving 25 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit tonight on 60 Minutes and a Chrysler update. The show opens with a segment on the turnaround of Chrysler Corporation. It has paid back all the loans form our Government and is on track […]

60 Minutes Recap 3/4/2012: Iran Computer Worm And Archbishop of Dublin

60 minutes 3/4

Tonight, 60 Minutes will investigate the computer worm that wreaked havoc on Iran’s Nuclear Program and talk about parents who are actually delaying their kids from starting school. The first segment is about a possible cyber attack on the US. The first of this kind was “Stuxnet” and it attacked Iran’s Nuclear Program. The US […]

60 Minutes Recap 2/12/2012: India Gold Adele And Cancer Study Manipulation

60 Minutes

60 Minutes talks with Adele tonight about her surgery she says saved her life, manipulating cancer study data, and the gold demand in India. The show starts with a Duke University study that said it had found a way to match chemo therapy with the dna of a patient. This data was all forged and […]

60 Minutes 1/22/2012: Wild Times Tonight (Special Edition)

60 Minutes tonight is titled “Into The Wild” and will be covering Wildebeest Migrations and also how scientists are trying to communicate with elephants. First, Scott Pelley will head to Kenya to watch the great Wildebeest migration. Next, Bob Simon will head to Central Africa where a group of researchers are putting together a dictionary […]