60 Minutes Recap: Manhunt for “Whitey” Bulgar, Murder of Neo-Nazi Leader, and US Archival Theft


This recap details what happened on 60 Minutes tonight beginning with the top story about the manhunt for James “Whitey” Bulger from correspondent . The story is presented by host, Steve Kroft, who points out Bulger and girlfriend were living remarkably sterile lives as an elderly couple going by the names of Charlie and Carol Gasko in Santa […]

60 Minutes Tonight: DNA Exonerates Prisoner and Chrysler’s Comeback 3/25/2012

60 Minutes tonight talks of Chrysler’s emergence from bankruptcy, interviews tennis star Novak Djokovic, and how DNA exonerated Michael Morton. The Obama Administration gave Fiat 20% of Chrysler with a potential to reach 35% in 2009. The company can then buy another 16% when it pays back all the Government Loans to reach a total […]

Preview (Videos) “60 Minutes” Tonight Reports on the Race to Space and Face Blindness

So what’s on “60 Minutes” tonight (3/18/12)? Scott Peeley covers a story about SpaceX and Elon Musk who believes his company will be the first in the race to space to launch the private sector in to orbit. Lesley Stahl will be covering a medical condition known as face blindness where people cannot recognize even […]

“60 Minutes” Tonight Recap (3/11/12): Nuclear Iran, Aerosmith Success, and Education Format Kahn Academy

Kahn Academy

Tonight on “60 Minutes” Lesley Stahl talked with ex-Mossad Chief  Meir Dagan about the Iranian nuclear program threat. Dagan’s prime directive while with the Mossad was to prevent the development of a nuclear weapon in Iran which he states in the interview at the time of his retirement was still the case…there was no nuclear […]

“60 Minutes” Tonight (3/11/12) – Nuclear Iran, Khan Academy and Aerosmith Success

On “60 Minutes” tonight, the stories could not be more diverse. Lesley Stahl will talk with ex-Mossad Chief Meir Dagan, the former head of the Israeli intelligence service, about nuclear Iran and the threat of the Iranian nuclear program. He stresses the time to attack is not right now as it seems Iran is currently […]

60 Minutes Recap 3/4/2012: Iran Computer Worm And Archbishop of Dublin

60 minutes 3/4

Tonight, 60 Minutes will investigate the computer worm that wreaked havoc on Iran’s Nuclear Program and talk about parents who are actually delaying their kids from starting school. The first segment is about a possible cyber attack on the US. The first of this kind was “Stuxnet” and it attacked Iran’s Nuclear Program. The US […]

60 Minutes Tonight 3/4/2012: Computer Worms, Archbishops, And Overzealous Parents

60 Minutes brings some light on the computer worm that successfully attacked Iran’s Nuclear Program, has an interview with the Archbishop of Dublin, and looks into overzealous parents that hold back their kids in school Iran’s Nuclear Program was hacked by a computer worm and the blame game started about who sent it and where […]

60 MInutes Tonight 2/26/2012: Going To Extremes Recap

60 minutes birdmen

60 Minutes tonight is “Going to Extremes” and will be focusing on new “winged suits” that let you fly off a mountain, rock climbing, and white sharks. The first segment shows “The Birdmen” who jump off the sides of mountains with special winged suits. It is as close to flying a human can actually get. […]

60 Minutes Recap 2/19/2012: Magnus Carlsen Talks Chess And New Depression Treatment

Platform For Employment

60 Minutes tonight features an interview with Magnus Carlsen, new ways to help the long term unemployed, and looks at how depression drugs work. The show opens with Scott Pelley saying the length of time people have been unemployed is at levels not seen in many years. We see people who have been unemployed for […]

60 Minutes Tonight 2/12/2012: Adele India’s Gold Rush And Scientists Manipulating Research Data

60 Minutes has a variety tonight with singer Adele talking about her throat surgery, the huge demand for gold in India, and a Duke Scientist accused of data manipulation. First, Adele recently had to undergo vocal chord surgery to repair her hemorrhage. She is expected to recover and hopefully she will be singing again soon. […]