Amercan Idol Premiere 1/16/2013: Let The Fighting Start Tonight!

American Idol Season 12 starts tonight at 8pm eastern time with auditions in New York. Hopefully we will see some of the fireworks that have been in the news with the feud between Mariah and Nicki Minaj. Keith Urban will be caught in the middle of the action as he tries to keep a reasonable […]


“American Idol” Tonight Will (Most Likely) See Jermaine Jones Booted!

“American Idol” tonight (3/14/12) will most likely see Jermaine Jones booted from the show following swirling rumors released by TMZ that he was discovered to have been involved in acts of violence last year which resulted in his disclosure of a false name. Oops! Someone didn’t vet this dude carefully! Not only THAT, but the […]

Scotty McCreery Is The New American Idol!

Tonight on American Idol season 10 2011, Scotty McCreery was named our new American idol for 2011! Tonight idol had many great performances! Jack Black and Casey Abrams gave one heck of a performance! Beyonce also made a few of her own performances tonight! She did a solo that was fantastic! We also had the […]

American Idol Recap: Our Final 3 Bring It On!

Tonight on American Idol season 10, our final 3 contestants bring it on! The final 3 had the chance to work with the multi-talented artist Beyonce! Tonight’s show started off with Beyonce working with the cute, Scotty McCreery who performed a song by group Lone Star, “Amazed”. I didn’t think that it was Scotty’s best performance, […]