60 Minutes Recap 3/4/2012: Iran Computer Worm And Archbishop of Dublin

60 minutes 3/4

Tonight, 60 Minutes will investigate the computer worm that wreaked havoc on Iran’s Nuclear Program and talk about parents who are actually delaying their kids from starting school. The first segment is about a possible cyber attack on the US. The first of this kind was “Stuxnet” and it attacked Iran’s Nuclear Program. The US […]

60 Minutes Tonight 3/4/2012: Computer Worms, Archbishops, And Overzealous Parents

60 Minutes brings some light on the computer worm that successfully attacked Iran’s Nuclear Program, has an interview with the Archbishop of Dublin, and looks into overzealous parents that hold back their kids in school Iran’s Nuclear Program was hacked by a computer worm and the blame game started about who sent it and where […]