“Survivor One World” Premiere Recap: Season 23 Brings Two Tribes, One Camp, and NO Rules!

One World Cast

“Survivor One World” premiere tonight featured two tribes, one camp, and no rules, so this might just be the season of scandals, but then hasn’t each one to some degree? This marks the beginning of “Survivor” season 23 and for those who missed the show, this is what happened on “Survivor” tonight~ The show immediately […]

“Survivor One World” Premiere Tonight – The Battle of the Sexes Brings Interesting Challenges!

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“Survivor One World” airs tonight on CBS with the “Battle of the Sexes” as the women take one the men in this “Winner Takes All” challenge of the ability to outwit, outlast, and definitely outmaneuver other people, but don’t let size or gender fool you this season. These contestants are out for the win…anyway possible! […]