Kitchen Nightmares Recap 11/11: Can Burger Kitchen Be Saved? Chef Ramsay’s Solutions

Kitchen Nightmares took Chef Ramsay into Burger Kitchen where a dominating father was destroying his restaurant and his relationship with his son. Now the food was terrible. Chef David Blaine, the head chef, could not seem to get along with Alan and his wife, who own the restaurant. He produced a great burger when left […]


Kitchen Nightmares Recap: Chef Ramsay Takes On Burger Kitchen

On Kitchen Nightmares tonight, Chef Ramsay goes to a Burger Kitchen in Los Angeles in an attempt to get them on track. The restaurant has been through 10 menu changes, 10 chefs, and 20 staffers in less than 16 months. They have changed the menu over 10 times also. The big problem is that Alan, […]