oz 4/24 snack

Dr. Oz Gives Tips To Boost Energy For Specific Body Types 4/24

The Dr. Oz show starts today with Oz saying that our “energy type” can be the reason we can’t lose weight and are sluggish all the time. We get the three energy types and specific ways each one reacts to certain foods, chemicals, and slow thyroid activity. He goes over each energy type and gives […]

quick beauty fixes

Health Boosters And Beauty Blunders On The Dr. Oz Show Today 4/4/2012 (Recap)

Today’s Doctor Oz Show is all about boosting your health with easy natural solutions and easy ways to change the way you look instantly. Oz opens the show by saying you can change your mood instantly and a good mood is the key to being healthy. He pulls a prank on the audience by having […]

Oz Supermarket survival

Dr. Oz Gives Out His Supermarket Survival Guide Today 4/2/2012 (Recap)

Dr. Oz has three experts take us shopping to expose the marketing strategy some companies use to scam us into buying unhealthy foods. The show opens with Oz telling us the supermarket can be the most frustrating thing we do each week and it has a big effect on our health. He sends out Kate […]

Doctor Oz Shopping Guide

Dr. Oz Today 4/2/2012: Shake Up Your Shopping Cart

The Dr. Oz Show Today is all about diet, weight loss, and family health with Oz showing us how to Survive the Super Market scams. Special guests today are Kate Gaegan, Lisa Lynn, Aaron “Big Daddy” McCargo, Sue Perry, and Liz Josefsberg. Oz will take us to the grocery store and give out tips on […]